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Sun 14 Dec 2014
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Information *VERY IMPORTANT*
At the institute you will be given Cashpoints. Cashpoints are the currency in the institute that will be basic for survival. No points, no food, no nothing, that simple. When entering the institute you will be given 1000 Cash Points. Each 50 points is one dollar.

For example, you want to buy a meal. Soup and Sandwich -- 100 Cashpoints equals 2 dollars. So 1000 Cashpoints is 20 dollars so that should be okay for at least a week. To earn said Cashpoints you will need to take up a job in the institution. Which brings me to my next information bit.


Jobs- There are many jobs you can take up in the institution.

Cook, janitor, guard, banker, Shop owner, Shop worker, drug dealer, any way you can make money you have to find it.


There are many branches which one can be put into.

Sociopath- highest one

Psychopath- Second highest not as bad as sociopath

Insane- there Mind is not quite there own

Noobie- Wannabe crazy

When in each branch you will be ranked from 1-10 from ten being not so bad to one being the craziest of that branch.

Check in here regularly for any new information. As the game develops more will be added.
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Fri 26 Dec 2014
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Re: Information *VERY IMPORTANT*
Alos, you will be ranked 1-100!

1-10 is a Socio

11-30 is a Psycho

31-65 is a Insane

66-100 is a Noobie
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Sat 27 Dec 2014
at 15:00
Re: Information *VERY IMPORTANT*
It is currently 10 o' clock, on a Friday evening. You must report back to rooms or go to someone's room at 11 then at 11:30 you must return to your own dorms for rest.
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Mon 29 Dec 2014
at 22:24
Re: Information *VERY IMPORTANT*
Jobs currently not taken- choose from the following then tell me in Chat

Drug dealer
Dry cleaner
Gym trainer
Fortune teller
Trash collector
Loan Giver/ Loan Shark
Loan collector
Planner (big events) Part-time
Shop owner- Make up your shop (We will talk about requirements if any one takes the position)
Shop worker
Delivery Boy/girl
Bank teller
Dancer (not strip club :P )
Suicide hot line worker
mental hospital restrainer

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