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Sun 18 Jan 2015
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Notes on the Campaign
At this stage, I'm planning a fairly standard Doctor Who–style campaign set-up: a Time Lord, companions, a TARDIS, having adventures in space and time. It's the most flexible format for whatever we want to do.

I have ideas for a Time War campaign, so expect an eventual story arc or two that revisit the Time War and involve the search for Gallifrey. I've left my notes here on the board for reference.

I plan to run a few of the published adventure modules.

This campaign is set after the Last Great Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks, but will dip back into it.

The first story arc will be a modified version of "The Doom of the Daleks" adventure path from the Eighth Doctor Sourcebook. To fit the slow pace of PbP, I'll prune it back to only the key adventures, and I've altered the story. But still, don't peek.

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