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Sat 28 Mar 2015
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Notes on Gadgets & Gear
Here I will post stats for various gadgets, gear, weapons, and armour the PCs might come across or wish to use.
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Sat 28 Mar 2015
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Holographic disguise
This is a gadget to project a holographic disguise around the wearer, enabling aliens to pass as humans, spies to go about in disguise, or lazy cosplayers to dress up.

This is based on Destrii's pendant from the DWM comics and the Vinvocci wristwatch-mounted shimmer from "The End of Time", though PCs may choose their own form and function.

Gadget: Holographic disguise pendant
Type: Minor
Traits: Minor Good: Shapeshift
Story Points: 1
Description: A round golden pendant with three circular buttons that makes a "zreep" sound when activated or deactivated. It projects a holographic envelope around the body of the wearer or holder, but does not affect clothing or voice. It is similar in function to the wristwatch-based shimmer. Though it only holds a single disguise, it might be adjusted to project other forms.
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Thu 2 Apr 2015
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Temporal Trace Locator
Gadget: Temporal Trace Locator
Type: Special
Traits: Scan, Transmit, Vortex

If the Time Lords built it, it looks like a silver gauntlet, studded with ruby control studs and marked with the Seal of Rassilon. If the Doctor or a player character built it, itís a crazy contraption of loose wires, duct tape, clockwork and what appears to be a hamster wheel, all connected to a 51st century computer interface. Either way, it goes ding when thereís temporal trace stuff.

The Locator can interface with a TARDIS or another time machine, and guide it unerringly (more or less) to the vicinity of the next temporal trace. It can also be used as a general-purpose scanner and temporal manipulator.

A temporal trace, by the way, is a scar, a discontinuity in time left by the Dalek weapon. Theyíre invisible to most people. Characters with Feel the Turn of the Universe Trait get uneasy when close to a trace, and the Temporal Trace Locator can detect them automatically from a short distance. To zero in on a trace, the operator of the Locator must make an Ingenuity + Technology roll, with a Difficulty that varies depending on distance to the trace and local conditions.

As traces are hyper-dimensional scars in the Vortex, they arenít necessarily tied to a particular place. They might be entangled in the timeline or some person or object, or only come into phase with our reality at a particular time. The player characters will have to explore wherever they land in order to find the trace. If the characters are relying on the Locator to fly the TARDIS, then they canít leave until they find the trace. If theyíre merely following the Locatorís directions, then the Locator kicks up an almighty fuss if they try to leave without finding the trace (increasing the Difficulty of any Transport or Technology rolls to leave by +6).
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Tue 2 Jun 2015
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Re: Temporal Trace Locator
Gadget: Inverse Electron Pulse-Spin Generator / Inverse-Spin Electron Pulse Generator / "Dalek Decimator"
Type: Minor / Special
Traits: Stun (minor) [TTC] / Stun (special), One-Shot

This device, whatever you call it, will temporarily neutralise electronic currents, in turn incapacitating machinery and electronics and draining Dalek energy cells. A target (machine, robot, cyborg, Dalek) is stunned for a number of rounds equal to 2d6 − its Strength.

"Its range depends on the power source hooked up to it. To affect all the Daleks in the Eternity Citadel, it requires the full output of the citadel's main reactor. The device only works once, and its effects only last for a few minutes. In game terms, the bad guys get to roll Strength + Resolve every turn. The target number starts at 30, and drops by 3 every few Action Rounds."