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Sat 17 Jan 2015
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"To the day, to the very day, this momentous occasion has been foretold!
Oh glorious day that these travelers have graced us with their presence!"

     This isn't new to you, it never was. You've always been graced as a hero wherever you go. That's not about to change. The stakes are always high. It's always the fate of the world that hangs in the balance. It always seems to be up to you. You never asked for this fate. The curse "May you live in interesting times," was not something you ever think you heard, and yet, somehow, you've found yourself embroiled time and time again in this endless mess of situations. Dragons, dungeons, and even sometimes both have plagued you as you've tried to live out your existence. You've had to learn and adapt to the endless gauntlets you've had to endure, and it's only made you stronger. At this point there's not a town you could go to who wouldn't recognize your garb as that of a lifelong adventurer. Every tavern patron has you pegged as the guys no one wants to tangle with. Shop keeps stiff you because they know you've plundered more gold than you could ever carry. You are an adventurer, and you are damn good at what you do.
     The world is ending again. You know what to do.

Will you heed the call?

     Sighing, you heft your packs onto your shoulder, and head towards where all good adventurers begin.

     See you in Haven, at the Wyrm's Retreat.

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