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[NPC List]
-Wizards, Witches, Mages, Sorcerers etc.-

Granda Sorĉisto OgdenThe best way to describe Oggy is, a zen like hippie mixed with an 80ís/90ís pop culture nerd. He has this aura of superiority to him, but with his laid back informal way of acting puts all that out the window. Heís jovial, humorous, and has a bit of personal space issue. As in, he doesnít believe in it. He also may or may not know about the '4th wall'. He dresses pretty normally considering his abnormal personality, blue jeans over some high top sneakers, a shirt with some obscure pop culture reference, and a backwards baseball cap of the New York Yankees. The only magical things on him are a long flowing robe, dark blue that somehow looks like the night sky as if it is always shifting and swirling,  and a gnarled wood staff that has an orb of red fluid attached to it at the top.
Familiara LitwackOggy's trusted familiar. A companion since Oggy's younger days, Litwack has taken many different forms and just as many personalities. You can sorta describe him as Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. Many different people being played by the same actor. Currently he is Mr. Litwack, owner of Litwack's Bowling and Arcade. Which also serves as Oggy's home on the second and third floor. His personality is that of an old fashion gamer grandpa. A person who as a kid played all them games in the early 80's but now is hopelessly outdated. He has thick hornrimmed glasses pushed up tightly against his nose, a cliche Hawaiian shirt and complementary farmer's tan, khaki slacks, and bowling shoes. He can also transform freely to an owl, dog, and a newt.
Sorĉisto KivaA sardonic woman of immense power. She doesn't have the same aesthetic style as Oggy, or any other mage for that matter. She wears a tailored woman's suit and carries herself with a strict code of manner. On her left pinky finger she wears a signet ring. That is a focus she uses to help amplify her magic power. She is a talent scout for the Mage Council. She searches for those gifted with the ability for magic and presents them with the options for training. That means she spends her time on the other side of the Veil, she needs to be unseen so she can closely observe the modern world. Anyone who catches sight of her, she marks them down. A close friend of Oggy, who was under the same tutelage, she works with him as his hands and legs wherever he cannot go. Which is everywhere.

-Normal People of Nowhere-

Irene ColemanThe Principal of Nowhere South High. A middle aged woman who looks quite well for her age, some boys in the school would say more . She has that odd mix of friendly and stern where it can be really encouraging one moment and then soul crushing the next. Well liked by most of the school, she has been principal for almost a decade now.

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