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A few smart wizards and witches got together a while back and compiled everything they knew about magic. There are a multitude of ways to categorize spells. The two major ways are by Type and School.


When a spell is cast arcane energy courses through the spellcasters body, from their core outward. Spell types are where this spell energy comes from or what aspect of a person is best used for that spell. Type determines which Stat is used for creating the dice pool rolled for spellcasting.

Phys  + Spirit - This type of spell requires strength of body to use
Coord + Spirit - This type of spell requires dexterity or finesse to use
Know + Spirit - This type of spell requires intelligence and wisdom to use
Spirit + Spirit - This type of spell requires a strong will to use


Every spell falls into one of these 8 schools of magic. Of course there are some grey areas and a spell can be part of multiple schools.

Abjuration - Magic of this school creates physical or magical barriers, healing and protection.
Conjuration - Magic of this school focuses on summoning magical effects and creatures.
Divination - Magic of this school deals with the uncovering of mysteries, fortunetelling, and the perceiving of places and people at a distance.
Enchantment - Magic of this school deals with influencing the minds of others, either by subtly charming them to get them to like you, or through compulsion, which exerts a more overt control over the subject.
Evocation - Magic of this school deals with the creation and manipulation of raw, magical energy, often for a destructive end.
Illusion - Magic of this school deals with the creation of images, sounds, figments, or shadows, generally to confuse or deceive the onlooker.
Necromancy - Magic of this school deals with the manipulation of the essential life force which infuses all living things.
Transmutation - Magic of this school deals with the transmutation or transformation of objects and people, or in the changing of one of their attributes.

-Basics of Magic-

Casting a spell is like taking any other action in the game. It is essentially a skill check. And like any skill check they are required to roll a dice pool based on the type of spell. Unlike in the O.R.E Reign system, magic in this game can be used with any action but still takes the multiple action penalty. Spells need for a verbal and somatic command. Meaning the caster needs to say and gesture for the spell to work. The gesture doesn't matter, most require the caster to just point, it’s the movement that makes a spell’s energy flow from the caster’s core to wherever they want it to go. The words spoken are what really matter, the caster needs to speak the spells words clearly for the spell to mold and take shape. If the caster cannot talk or is interrupted, the spell fails before it could even form.

Every spell has an intensity, cooldown, and range.

Intensity is the required height of the set to successfully cast the spell, Intensity 1 spells are always successful and needs no roll (verbal and somatic commands are still needed). Spells with more than one Intensity can have better effects if the higher number is rolled. Some spells also have a required Width to perform.

Cooldown is how often a spell can be cost during a round. At-Will means it can be cast multiple times in a single round. While 1/round means only once per round and 2/round means only every other round.

Range is how far away the spell can be accurately cast. Self, Close, Short, Medium, Long. There is no hard measurement used to denote distance and is treated as more of an abstract concept.

While out of combat and if timing doesn't matter, spells only require an intensity skill check. Cooldown doesn’t need to be tracked.


Usually rolling any set under the difficulty rating means it's a failure. misscasting a spell is a little different. Any set rolled means you have successfully cast the spell, but since it is under the intensity the spell doesn't go off as intended. The result can vary between spells and situations.

-Custom Spells-

What makes a wizard, witch or sorcerer so great wizard, witch or sorcerer, is not all the spells they can memorize. But unique spells they've created all on their own. If a player has an interesting spell that they made up and wants added to the game, run it by me. I can figure out if it will fit or not in the setting, then we can write up something on how the character goes about making up this spell in-game.

A helpful guide for making balanced spells can be found on REIGN's website - http://www.gregstolze.com/reign/supplements.html - It is Supplement Three (Secrets of Sorcery).


When a character has their spellbook on hand, that means they essentially have all the spells listed available to them. All they have to do first is to find the right spell in the thick book. If a player takes a round to search through the book for the spell they want, and pass a Knowledge + Knowledge Skill check at difficulty 6, then they can cast the spell as if they know it.

If the player fails that skill check then the spell they do find won't be the one they want, and they end up casting a random spell. The spell will be chosen by the GM, either by choice or a secret dice roll. The player will have to use that spell next turn and cannot look through the book again until after the spell is cast.

This can also be used as sort of an 'deus ex machina' spell. Sometimes through GM folly or Player folly, characters can end up in really tight situations where no spell in the spell list can help (Try as I might, I cannot conceive a spell list that has a solution for everything). In that case a player can play off remember seeing a spell in the book that can help. Together the GM and Players can write what that scene can look like.

-Mystical Wands, Staves, and Foci-

Magic users who are still learning how to control their spellwork or have trouble controlling it use a Focus. An object imbued with a small crystal gem that helps them visualize and focus their magic abilities. These gems can be set into wands, staves, rings, necklaces or any sort of object that can be worn/held. It's not so much as the object as it is the gem itself. The object is mostly for decoration, and it has become sort of a trend between wizards and witches to try and come up with the most outlandish looking wand or staff.

If a player has their focus on them they get a +1d bonus to all of their Spell Skill Checks. The object doesn't need to be held in their hand but has to be on their person to benefit from the bonus. If the focus is removed or destroyed then the player loses that bonus. Having more than one focus doesn't stack the bonuses.

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PlifortigiPhysiqueAbjuration31/RoundMediumGrant a target 2 Armor until the start of the next turn.
ProtektoPhysiqueAbjuration51/RoundCloseGrants resistence to all non-magical damage
BaroPhysiqueAbjuration4/81/RoundShortGrant a Shield to a target, negating the damage of the next attack or next 2 attacks
Fajro ProtektoPhysiqueAbjuration4/3x101/RoundCloseGrant a target resistance to Fire or immunity to Fire, effects last until after combat or 5 hours.
Malvarma ProtektoPhysiqueAbjuration4/3x101/RoundCloseGrant a target resistance to Cold or immunity to Cold, effects last until after combat or 5 hours.
Energio ProtektoPhysiqueAbjuration4/3x101/RoundCloseGrant a target resistance to Lightning or immunity to Lightning, effects last until after combat or 5 hours.
Kunvoki ArmiloPhysiqueConjuration21/RoundSelfSummon a weapon into the casters hand. Can take any form of a melee weapon.
StrikonPhysiqueConjuration2At-WillCloseMomentarily conjure a weapon to deal Width+1 damage. Choose to do either Peircing, Slashing or Bludgeoning damage.
ImplikiPhysiqueConjuration41/RoundLongSummon an entangling root, tendril, rope, anything that can wrap, to hold down a target. Target cannot move until it passes a Physique check. Check difficulty is equal to set Height.
MokoPhysiqueEnchantment21/RoundMediumTaunt all in range to target the caster for attacks.
AltiriPhysiqueEnchantment3-CloseMake the target more attracted to you, use with caution
RegantaPhysiqueEnchantment4-CloseEnchant a person to sway their mind
FajroPhysiqueEvocation21/RoundMediumShoot a bolt of flame to do Width+2 Damage. If Height 10 is rolled, Target is set aflame.
AturdirPhysiqueEvocation21/RoundLongStuns the target for until the start of your next turn. Target is unable to move or attack untli the start of your next turn
FortoPhysiqueEvocation31/RoundMediumSend a strong force towards a target to do Width Damage, pulling them closer or pushing them farther.
PulsoPhysiqueEvocation31/RoundCloseRelease a pulse of arcane energy to do Width+1 Damage to a Row
Spiro FajroPhysiqueEvocation52/RoundShortShoots a cone of fire to hit 2 targets in a Row to do Width+2 Damage. If Height 10 is rolled Targets are set aflame
FajrogloboPhysiqueEvocation62/RoundLongSend a massive ball of fire to do Width+3 Damage. Target is set aflame.
Flamo StrikoPhysiqueEvocation72/RoundMediumEngulf a Row within range in a pillar of fire to do Width+2 Damage. Targets are set aflame.
HororiPhysiqueIllusion21/RoundShortFrighten any creature looking at the caster. They cannot attack the caster until the start of your next turn.
AlivestosPhysiqueIllusion3-SelfDisguise castor to look like someone else. Replicating someone else's look is easier than constructing a whole new look.
DeksesumajnPhysiqueNecromancy 2At-WillLongCurse a target, making their next skill check at -1d penalty
OferoPhysiqueNecromancy 31/RoundMediumSacrifice a summoned undead to burst into soulfire to deal Width+1 to those in Close range
MalplenigiPhysiqueNecromancy 3At-WillMediumSap the life energy of the target to deal Width Damage, and heal for Width.
SukoPhysiqueNecromancy 31/RoundLongRot the target from within to do Width+1 Damage, the target cannot be healed until the start of your next turn.
Elementa ArmiloPhysiqueTransmutation21/RoundSelfEngulf a weapon with an element of the cater's choice
Transformi PartePhysiqueTransmutation2-SelfAlters the castor's body and gives them a natural tool, such as gills, claws or wings.
Transformi al SimiliPhysiqueTransmutation4-SelfAlters the castor's body to appear as someone else
Transformi al BestojPhysiqueTransmutation4-SelfAlters the castor's body to fully form an animal of their choice
Fari MorfoPhysiqueTransmutation62/RoundMediumForce the target to transform into a harmless small animal of the caster's choice, any

KovriloCoordinationConjuration42/RoundShortCreate a cloud in a Row. While in the cloud gain +2 Defense. Cloud lasts unitl start of next turn.
Alvoko FulmoCoordinationConjuration41/RoundLongWidth+1, Lightning shoots out from above and strikes 2 targets in a Row within range.
Malproksime VidoCoordinationDivination1-LongProject a magical eye into an area, you are able to see as if you are there. Must have line of sight to magical eye.
Besto SensoCoordinationDivination3-ShortPrecieve through an animals sense.
PunktoCoordinationDivination4-SelfHelps point the caster towards their destination, friend, object. Visualized as a small arrow above the caster's palm
FajriloCoordinationEvocation1-ShortCreate a small flame. Can be used to start fires.
Arkanaj RigliloCoordinationEvocation2At-WillLongShoot out an arcane bolt to do Width+1 Damage, If Height 10 is rolled, add +1 to damage
Kontrolo FajroCoordinationEvocation2-MediumContol fire; make it larger, snuff it out, keep it buning.
MalvarmoCoordinationEvocation21/RoundMediumShoot a bolt of frost to do Width+1 Damage. If Height 10 is rolled, Target is unable to move until the start of your next turn
FulmoCoordinationEvocation21/RoundMediumShoot a bolt of lightning to do Width+1 Damage. If Height 10 is rolled, Target is unable to attack until the start of your next turn
FrapuCoordinationEvocation31/RoundLongShoot blinding light to do Width+1 Damage, Blinds the target
Arkanaj MisilojCoordinationEvocation3At-WillLongShoot a short barrage of arcane missiles to do Width+1 Damage. Damage can be divided among Width+1 number of Targets
Spiro de GlacioCoordinationEvocation52/RoundShortShoots a cone of cold to hit 2 targets in a Row to do Width+1 Damage. If Height 10 is rolled Targets are unable to move until the start of your next turn
CongelaciónCoordinationEvocation62/RoundLongSend a wave of bitter cold to do Width+2 Damage. Target is Frozen, if target is already forzen +2 Damage.
GlaciigiCoordinationEvocation72/RoundMediumEngulf a Row within range in ice to do Width+1 Damage. Targets are unable to move until the start of your next turn
Ĉeno FulmoCoordinationEvocation72/RoundMediumShoot a bolt of lightning that jumps from target to target to do Width+1 Damage. Choose three different targets in three different Rows.
ObskurajCoordinationIllusion41/RoundShortGrant a target +2 Defense until the start of your next turn.
NevideblaCoordinationIllusion52/RoundShortTarget becomes invisible until they attack, or 5 hours while out of combat
SeñueloCoordinationIllusion72/RoundShortBecome invisible and create a mirror image in place of the castor.
Plumo FaloCoordinationTransmutation1-ShortFalling is reduced to a slow glide. Last until safely on the ground.
FuĝoCoordinationTransmutation22/RoundShortGrant the ability to fly, +1 to determining range against you. Lasts until hit, or the whole day out of combat.
TelekinezoCoordinationTransmutation2-LongLevitate any object up to 200 pounds.
Akvo PromenoCoordinationTransmutation2-ShortGrant the ability to walk on water, Last until hit or the whole day if out of combat.
SaltiCoordinationTransmutation42/RoundLongTeleport to a Row within range, or 100 meters away. Must have line of sight of destination.
Kontrolo AkvoCoordinationTransmutation4-MediumControl water to flood, part. flow any way you want.
BlankigiCoordinationTransmutation42/RoundSelfTarget becomes incorporeal until they attack, or 5 hours while out of combat.
KreskoCoordinationTransmutation4-MediumControl Plants, move them and make them grow
Kontrolo TeroCoordinationTransmutation5-MediumControl rock and earth, move it, crumble, solidify it.

Krei manĝaĵo kaj akvoKnowledgeConjuration1-SelfCreate enough food and water to satisfy one person for one meal. Caster chooses what kind of food and drink appears. No guarentee food taste good.
ZeichenKnowledgeConjuration11/RoundLongMark an object, you are now able to summon that object at anytime. It takes a few minutes to mark an object
Mensa LigoKnowledgeDivination1-LongCommunicate with others telepathically
Nokta VidadoKnowledgeTransmutation1-SelfGrant Nightvision
DuobligiKnowledgeConjuration2-SelfCreate a duplicate of a small hand held object
Lerni LingvonKnowledgeDivination2-CloseTemporarily learn a language of the caster's choice. Lasts all day.
SenditoKnowledgeEnchantment2-ShortEnchant an animal to relay a message for you.
Gvidaj LumoKnowledgeEvocation21/RoundLongLower a targerts Defense by 2 until the start of your next turn.
IluzioKnowledgeIllusion2-MediumCreate a small illusion, that can be seen and heard but no touched.
EnigmoKnowledgeIllusion2-SelfAnything written or said becomes incoherant to anyone the caster doesn't want to know.
MesaĝoKnowledgeIllusion2-ShortCreate an illusion with a premade message. The caster can place the illusion to go off when a certain action happens, such as some one entering a door or saying a phrase.
Naturo DiskutoKnowledgeDivination3-CloseCommunicate with animals and nature spirits
TrankviligasKnowledgeEnchantment3-CloseCalm the target down, if they are in a rage it is more difficult but even more effective
KoleroKnowledgeEnchantment3-CloseInfuriate a person, effects might be hard to reverse until the target has exhausted itself.
RegrandigiKnowledgeTransmutation3-ShortShrink or grow an object. Can't be any larger than a human.
KlarvidadoKnowledgeDivination4-LongSee and hear an area you are familiar with, or if you take the time to set the spell up, a new area. Doesn't need line of sight to the area.
Legu MensoKnowledgeDivination4-MediumRead a target's mind, some minds simply can't be read
ForgesemaKnowledgeEnchantment4-CloseAlter a person's recent memory
SilentoKnowledgeEnchantment41/RoundLongPrevent the target from casting spells until the start of your next turn.
SablokoloraKnowledgeTransmutation42/RoundShortEnchance a stat by 1, only one stat can be raised at a time, lasts 5 hours
KonstruiKnowledgeTransmutation4-CloseCreate an object from raw materials. More complicated objects require higher skill checks.
RestaŭriKnowledgeTransmutation4-CloseRestore an object to its original state, larger objects require higher skill checks
PasejoKnowledgeTransmutation4-ShortCreate a hole large enough for the caster to pass through. The hole lasts for 1 hour, or until dismissed.
MalaperigiKnowledgeTransmutation52/RoundLongWidth+2, if it is an inanimate objet it is destroyed and turns it into dust. Objects larger than 3 meters is only partially destroyed. If attack breaks Armor, left over damage transfers to Vitality.
Aero de ResanigoKnowledgeAbjuration62/RoundSelfRadiate light to heal everyone in your Row for Width
MalsaĝaKnowledgeEnchantment62/RoundLongSend a barrage of doubt to the target to do Width+2 Damage, reduce the targets next skill check by -1d
Spegula BildoKnowledgeIllusion62/RoundSelfCreate 2 mirror images that look and acts like the caster, they have 2 Defense, 1 Vitality, and Taunt. They cannot interact with the world beyond being seen and heard.
Kontrolo VeteroKnowledgeTransmutation6-LongControl the weather, bring or dispears clouds, make it rain or clear the sky.
KuracasKnowledgeAbjuration2/6/10At-WillLongSend a wash of light to heal a target for Width+0/1/2
RevivigiKnowledgeNecromancy 3x8-ShortRessurect the dead.
Krei HomúnculoKnowledgeNecromancy 4x10-ShortCreate a clone of a body, when the cloned creature dies it's soul is revived in the clone.

DesentrañarSpiritAbjuration11/RoundCloseDispell magic, more powerful magic requires Higher sets.
Magia KirasoSpiritAbjuration12/RoundCloseGrant a target Height+2 Armor, Maximum of 10. Lasts until broken, end of combat, or 5 hours.
Magia GardoSpiritAbjuration22/RoundCloseGrant a target +2 Defense. Lasts for 5 hours.
ŜlosuSpiritAbjuration2-CloseLock a window or door so that it can only be opened by the castor or a strong dispell
AlarmoSpiritAbjuration4-MediumCreate a ward around an object, like a locker or a house, alarms the caster if anyone breaks the ward. Last 8 hours
Devigi ReenSpiritAbjuration62//RoundLongTemporarily banish a target for Width+2 Damage. Target cannot attack or make skill checks until next turn.
SigelonSpiritAbjuration8-CloseSeal a Breach between worlds and prevent others from reopening it.
EkziliSpiritAbjuration3x10-CloseBanish the creature back to the Old World
Kunvoki FamiliaraSpiritConjuration1-SelfSummon a familiar. They take form of a small animal. They can't attack or cast spells, but they can relay messages and the caster can see and hear through the familiar's sense.
Kunvoki KompanoSpiritConjuration42/RoundShortSummon an animal companion, caster decides what form the animal takes, Has 2 Defense, 5 Vitality, and does Width+1 Damage.
Kunvoki ElementaSpiritConjuration62/RoundShortSummon an elemental companion, caster decides what element (Fire, Water, Lightning), Has 2 Defense with Elemental Resistence, 5 Vitality, and does Width+2 Elemental Damage.
Pordego: HejmoSpiritConjuration6-LongCreate a portal back to a set destination. Destination must have been visited beforehand, and takes a few hours to set up for transportation.
Pordego: Malnova MondoSpiritConjuration4x10-MediumCreate a portal to the Old World
La VidoSpiritDivination1-CloseGrants a mundane human magical sight
Detekti MagioSpiritDivination2-LongLocate the source of unconcealed magic, looks like a wisp trail only the caster can see.
PrecogniciónSpiritDivination4-SelfHave a precognition of an outcome, the results may vary
Astra ProjekcioSpiritDivination6-LongAtral project your spirit. Leaves body vulnerable.
PlibonigiSpiritEnchantment21/RoundMediumGrant a target a +1d  to their next skill check
PacigiSpiritEnchantment31/RoundMediumTarget deals 2 less damage, until the end of your next turn.
DormoSpiritEnchantment52/RoundShortPut the target to sleep, if the target takes any damage they are woken up from their slumber
KomandoSpiritEnchantment6-ShortCommand the target to do anything non life threatening, if the task endangers them the spelll breaks.
Magia LumoSpiritEvocation1-CloseCreate a small ball of light, illuminatres a room like a lightbulb would.
MallumoSpiritEvocation4-MediumAbsorb the light in the area to create a magical darkness.
FulmiloSpiritIllusion22/RoundMediumBlind a Row within range with a flash of light until the start of your next turn.
RevasSpiritIllusion2-LongThe caster apears in someone's dream and is able to communicate and shape the dream. Both have to be asleep.
interkonsentoSpiritNecromancy 31/RoundSelfDamage taken is instead transfered to summoned creature. Lasts until end of combat.
ForvelkasSpiritNecromancy 41/RoundLongWither the tagert to deal Width+1 damage. The target's next skill check takes a -1d penalty until the start of your next teeth.
Animo KaptiloSpiritNecromancy 6-ShortTrap the spirit of the dead into a container.
Levi MortintojSpiritNecromancy 4/82/RoundShortSummon 2/3 Undead puppets with 2 Defense, 1 Vitality and deal Width+1 Damage.
AnimiSpiritTransmutation3-CloseBring to life an inanimate object

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