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This Wheel of Time game will be played in a Third Age, and will be played in a geography similar to the Westlands that we all know and love.

We will be generally following the pattern/plot developed by the books, though I expect there to be significant variation from the Third Age that was given to us by Robert Jordan. You will be part of an epic story that is intended to culminate in your saving of the world. Whether and how you are able to do that is the story we will write.

As part of the application and character creation process, I will be most interested in suggestions for changes to the world from those created in the Wheel of Time books.

The anticipated starting location is Jornhill, a small village within Braem Wood.

New Braem is a larger town within the region, a trading center for nearby villages.

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Changes from Standard Jordan
Changes to the World from that in which the WoT books were written:

The History of the Age:
- While most of the world lives on in ignorance like in the series, there's a secret society (like the Freemasons, for example) that is preparing for the return of the Dragon Reborn. It's very, very small, and mostly a hereditary thing (hard to really sell people on the idea). Some could be Aes Sedai, but also maybe an innkeeper, or a King, or something.
-Heron-marked blades are still a sign of swordmasters, but there are also men that are known for fighting with an axe that receive wolf-marked axes of finest quality. These battle-axes are known to cleave men in two with ease.
-There are other human/animal bondings like the wolfbrothers (bears, large cats, birds of prey, etc.)
-Tigraine Mantear did not go east to join the Aiel when she disappeared. Rather, she went to Jornhill and married the Smith's apprentice. Jorem al'Modred.

The Aiel:
-The Aiel are not all in the three-fold-land, it is known that some number of them always remain in the Westlands serving two purposes:
1) A group of them took the Damodred family and some of those sworn to them (who they consider responsible for the murder of the Avendoraldera) east toward the spine of the world. A treaty was signed that set aside one-tenth of the nation of Cairhien for the growth of nothing but trees, and the Damodred family was put in charge of this large swath of land. They are rumored to have Aiel overseers, and Aiel will come visit. None of the PCs know the exact nature of the Aiel visitors, but it is said that many of them wear garments of the purest white.
2) The Jenn Aiel are still separated from the other Aiel, but rather than being despised by the remainder of the Aiel clans, they are apparently revered. Only clan chiefs and Wise Ones know their origin and the reason why they are respected. It is said that every Tuatha'an caravan is protected by Aiel in the shadows. Reports of Tuatha'an being attacked exist in legend only, as no Wetlander dares to do so.

-The Ogier have less of a binding to their stedding and are therefore less reclusive.
-The Aiel in the eastern part of Cairhien are rumored to also have help from Ogier in getting the trees to grow.
-Indeed, Ogier travelling pairs are common - this is typically a recently married couple that has decided to travel the Westlands to both gain and share knowledge.
-As in Jordan's history, the Ogier are known to have taken up arms during the Trolloc Wars. In this alternate history, they have taken an interest in the nations and affiars of men, and while they do not take sides in the conflict, they are always known as an enemy of the Shadow that will fiercely protect their steddings and nearby villages from the Enemy. Some Ogier are even known to take turns supporting the humans in the Borderlands.

The Blight:
Any changes to The Blight are unknown to the PCs at the start of the game. They all know enough that they don't want to voluntarily go there.

This is also unknown to the PCs at the beginning of the game but I will include it
-The dark one has been kidnapping infants who have the ability to channel for centuries and has amassed quite the collection of active dread lord channelers. Attacks by dreadlord lead trollocs are common place in the borderlands. There are stories that Dreadlord channelers strike into the heart of the Westlands at need. Rumors abound of an ongoing struggle between them and the White Tower.
-In addition to the Shadowspawn Jordan created, there are also Arachna, a subsection of spidery-based Shadowspawn. The Arachna include part man-part spiders, monstrously sized spiders, and spiders that can tap into the Source for their foul purposes
-Trollocs in this alternate history are part man and part insect. Some have wings, some have carapaces, they are still somewhat of a 'failed' experiment as they need a central mind to be truly effective, but they are certainly more versatile than the Jordan version.

The Forsaken:
-The PCs know bedtime stories of the evil Forsaken - stories used to scare children into being good boys and girls. The names are all the same as envisioned by Jordan. Any changes to them from Jordan's vision are unknown to the PCs.

The One Power/Aes Sedai/The Kin/Wilders:
-The Dark One's backlash against Lews Theron Telemon and the women who attempted to help him caused the Taint to affect both halves of the one power. Although Saidar was not nearly as tainted as Saidin and Aes Sedai can learn to protect against most effects, there is still a slim chance they will go horribly mad. Sisters and Kin are both taught to watch for signs of madness. Most are able to delve well enough to find the signs of madness. The knowledge of how to cure it has been lost to the sands of time. The madness in the female side is a well-kept secret.
-Once a novice reaches the rank of Accepted, she enters into a stage similar to a third year medical student or a hospitalist resident. She is sent out into the world to engage in practical studies. Maybe the first year is like rotations (they are assigned to the court in Caemlyn to study under the Aes Sedai advisor to the Lion Throne, and then they have a changed assignment to something else, and so on) or maybe they are allowed to do independent study (in which they go where they want and do what they want, on a plan approved by the Mistress of Novices). Maybe some combination of the two. They have a small stipend from the White Tower to cover their expenses during this time.
-The Kinswomen formalized centuries ago and are broken down into regions and subregions (for large cities or a series of towns) whose leaders work together, without a single head figure over all. In order to not be competition for the White Tower, they struck an accord stating they would only accept those who have been first rejected by the Tower. The applicant must have a letter from the Mistress of Novices stating this fact.
-There are also roaming groups of Wilders that search for other Wilders and offer them a choice besides the White Tower.
-Gentled men are always forcibly Bonded, generally by the Aes Sedai who discovered them. This results in the number of a Red Sedai's Warders being a status symbol, as the only way a Red would have one is if she discovered and then helped neutralize the threat of a man who could channel. Red sisters may have as many of these Gentled men as she wants (i.e. there is no limit of one Warder for Red Sisters)
-Within the White Tower, each Novice is essentially apprenticed to a full Aes Sedai (like the master-padawan relationship in Star Wars). She is personally responsible for the development of her 'padawan', though there is input from the Mistress of Novices.
-Female Warders are common.
-Kwamesa Taramasu is the current holder of the Amyrlin Seat. Gray sisters traditionally hold this post and interest themselves in world politics. The Amyrlin often personally acts as a mediator.
-The seven ajahs have more of their historical direction (organized below by size):
--Red looks for all misuse of the Power, not just in men (so they search for wilders as well)
--Gray sisters deal with disputes, agreements, laws, negotiations. So much so that many legal bodies and monarchs have a Gray sister on staff
--Green sisters prepare the sisterhood and Warders for battle, but also take rotations in the borderlands. Borderlanders have particular reverence for this Ajah.
--Yellow sisters are best known for healing of course, but they are also interested in scientific experimentation and hard sciences
--Brown sisters are most interested in History, Wisdom gained through history and understanding people, and Arcane experimentation
--Blue sisters are of course interested in righteous causes, but they are also considered he intelligence arm of the Aes Sedai, interested in gathering information about the current status of the world
--White sisters are logical and rational to a fault; they are particularly keen on studying mathematics and logical puzzles and quandries. Their opinions are focused on what is best for all. They do the bookeeping for the White Tower, and are often sought after as teachers of mathematics and logic by the other nations.

Children of Light
-The Children of Light are present in every nation, and are generally respected as do-gooders. There are rumors of miraculous healings performed by Children superior to anything the Aes Sedai could even do. They maintain temples within the large cities dedicated to the worship of the Creator. Some are also rumored to be able to sense the presence of Shadowspawn in their vicinity.

The PCs are unaware of any changes to either the homeland of the Seanchan or its people.

-Genius Loci are a part of this world, meaning there can be malevolent or benevolent 'spirits' that affect particular locations. These 'spirits' have a rudimentary sentience and sense of purpose.

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World Aspects
The Seals on the Dark One's Prison are Breaking!
Saidin and Saidar have been tainted!
The world is cold, so very cold!

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Jornhill is a medium-sized village near the western edge of the Braem Wood in the realm of Andor. It is just on the eastern edge of the hills along the shores of the mighty Argent river. Legend has it that around 1200 AB, Jorund "Hammerhand" al'Vant fought a guerilla war against shadowspawn that sought to use the hills and forest as staging areas for an assault on the people of Coremanda. He was joined by none other than Rogosh Eagle-Eye himself, and the two are rumored to have masterminded an almost laughable battle record against the shadowspawn.  Though King Ladoman (second of his name) and Coremanda eventually fell, Jorund and his band maintained much of the hill and forest as a relatively safe area, which prompted the king to send his family into the woods for protection. When the dust had settled, the king had perished in the field but his family line withstood and returned to Caemlyn where his widow became the first Queen of Caembarin. And while Jorund eventually joined the Queen in her court, upon death he was buried in the hills just west of where the present-day village sits, where he is said to watch over the souls of all those that call Braem Wood home. It is also said that a nugget of pure silver was discovered in the Argent by the honor guard that bore Jorund, and that the prospect of riches led to the founding of the town over 700 years ago.

The current village exports wood, silver, and fruit, as well as Ogier sung wooden products, hand crafted wood products, preserves, and some of the best wine in the known world.

The village has a long-standing, good relationship with the Ogier. It is said that the Ogier banded together to fight the shadowspawn when they dared invade the woods, and have a special relationship with all the villages within the borders of Braem Wood.

Festivals surround the visits to the village by the Ogier, the spring thaw of the river, and the harvest. There are a women's town council and a men's town council. The heads of each are selected by the members of the council. The village also has a Wisdom that makes up the third member of a small decision group that makes joint decisions (along with the heads of the men's and women's council).

The layout of Jornhill is fairly simple and utilitarian, though it seems to be planned rather than haphazard. The center of the town is dominated by a large village green, which is roughly square in shape. The eastern side of the square is a road that runs through town and crosses the Argent - it heads toward Kore Springs out of the north end of town. The south side of the square is another road that runs along the Argent and eventually heads toward New Braem. At the corner of these two roads stands the Dragonmount Inn, on the Southeast corner of the village green. Nearby are merchant buildings, generally along the road on the eastern edge of the green. The north and west sides of the green are dominated by work buildings - smith, cooper, bowyer, etc. A smaller track or road runs along the north and west side of the green, though on the other side of the work buildings. The south side of the village green remains empty, providing an unspoiled view of the Argent and the the Braem Wood beyond. As the green gently slopes down toward the Argent, many families use the green as a place to enjoy their noon meal (evening meal is usually taken in the home).

Beyond the main village green, the residential areas start. Generally, homes are close to where people work. The most prestigious houses are those close to the Argent both east and west of town, with the north side being the least desirable area. Given the size of the town, it isn't terribly far of a walk to get to the main green from any home. Beyond the main village, there are a few homes further into the woods (i.e. Kat's family and those of other woodsmen). Those families are often of those that gather the raw materials for the town's exports - miners generally to the west, loggers generally to the north, and those tending the fruit generally to the east.

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