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The Dark One
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Wed 23 Sep 2015
at 16:33
Posting Guidelines
Please follow these simple guidelines when posting to an in-character thread:

-All posts should be done in third person
-Pick a color for your character's thoughts and statements, and stick to that color, but please don't use orange or aqua
-When your character is speaking, please include quotes around what they are saying and change the color
-When you include your character's thoughts, italicize and color them
-When you make rolls, copy your rolls into your post and color them orange
-OOC statements should be done in small aqua

When making a post, please try to move the game forward as best as you can.  I'd prefer to have the players take some liberties with the NPCs and write a significant post rather than short posts that include a brief statement and then implicitly wait for the GM to move the thread forward.
The Dark One
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Wed 30 Sep 2015
at 16:42
Posting Guidelines
In threads where people are at multiple locations, please tag your location at the top of the thread using [square brackets].

For example, if I'm posting as The Dark One, I could post as follows:

[The Pit of Doom, Shayol Ghul]

The Dark One, confident of victory, kicked back on a lounge chair with a piņa colada in hand. It wasn't just any ordinary piņa colada, but rather one that was inside a hollowed-out coconut, a pale blue straw rising out of the coconut and settling on his lips. As he considered the drink in his hand, he started humming a tune. If there were anything alive close enough to hear, they would recognize it as the piņa colada song. Eventually, he gave voice to the finish of the verse. "If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape - I'm the love that you've looked for, write to me, and escape."