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The System
FATE is a narrative-centric system that provides a way to tell stories about people that affect the fate of their world.

The system is extremely flexible but not designed specifically for Wheel of Time.

It is a 'pay what you like' download for the .pdf, available here:
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Thu 5 Mar 2015
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Re: The System
While creating a Wheel of Time version for FATE, we have tried to consider both player balance and ease of use as our ultimate goal is enjoyment for all.

Since this is the first time I am running a game with this set of rules, be forewarned that I might need to make some tweaks to the system at some point down the road. I will try to avoid having to do so, but can make no guarantees. Please be understanding if I need to make any sort of adjustment.
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Re: The System
The Ladder (as defined in FATE Core):

+8 Legendary
+7 Epic
+6 Fantastic
+5 Superb
+4 Great
+3 Good
+2 Fair
+1 Average
+0 Mediocre
1 Poor
2 Terrible
Some Combat Notes
Mon 18 Jan 2016
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Re: The System
As always, please ask questions or ask me to clarify how I'm running things. The below was some OOC explanation that will hopefully help with understanding how I'm running combats (at least right now - this is always subject to change).

I'll try to set them up fairly similarly as we go through the game (though I may tweak things here and there).

For these guys:
Def: 2(2) Stress: 3
Throw: 1(2) Fight: 2(2)

Now, these guys are mooks. In FATE-speak, these are nameless NPCs (take a look at page 214 of FATE Core). For mooks/nameless NPCs like this:

Def:2(2) --> means that it requires a 2 to hit, and they have 2 points of armor.
Stress: 3 --> means that it takes 3 total points of damage to finish them off
Throw: 1(2) --> means they have +1 throwing skill, and their thrown weapons are weapon 2
Fight: 2(2) --> means they have +2 fighting skill, and their melee weapons are weapon 2

When you make an attack roll against these guys, you need to get at least a result of 2 to hit them. If you roll a two, then you get to add your weapon damage. For most people that's 2 (the bows are all Weapon 2, one-handed melee weapons are as well). However, Danos has a Weapon 3 in hand. Therefore, he would do a point of damage while rolling only a 2.

Each additional point above 2 you roll for your skill also does an additional point of damage. So those that are shooting a bow need to get a 5 total to take a guy out in one shot (the bow's weapon size counteracts the armor). Danos only needs to get a 4 total to take someone out.

The spellcasters need to only roll a 3 Conviction as their spells ignore the armor these guys are wearing. They also have a minimum Discipline they need to get, and they will tire over time in two ways. First, I will provide ad hoc physical or mental stress to them for using their powers. Second, any failure on Discipline of Conviction will have negative consequences - Discipline failure means they lost control of the spell - this will often have physical results (the One Power literally blows up in their face). Conviction failure will likely have internal results (i.e. Mental or Physical stress to the caster).

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Moar Combat Notes
Tue 19 Jan 2016
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Re: The System
You don't have hitpoints per se, but instead you have stress boxes and consequences.

If you have an Endurance of 1, you get 3 stress boxes. They should each be numbered (1,2,3).

You can reduce the value of a hit by decreasing the shift value of the hit by the value of the stress box you check off. BUT you can only check off one stress box per hit. Stress heals quickly.

There are also Consequences. Those are -2, -4, -6, -8. They represent something longer lasting (broken forearm, concussion, etc.) They can be used by your opposition (and they even get 1 free invocation). They take more time/effort to heal. The -8 is special, as it actually replaces one of your main aspects.

As an example, if you absorb a 7 point hit, you can check off the 3 point stress box and take a -4 consequence. The GM would determine what that consequence is (say, Hamstrung! or something). That consequence will make life more difficult for the character until it's healed.