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The One Power
We will use a variant of the magic system as described in the Dresden Files RPG, adjusted for use in the Wheel of Time.

The basic mechanic primarily involves three skills:

Lore: Ability to learn new weaves and comprehend the ones you see. There will be a pre-set list of difficulties to learn each weave. Observing a weave would have the base difficulty, but if a person is being instructed, they will receive a bonus to learn.

Any weave that uses only affinities the caster has are +1 to learn. Ones that contain an affinity you have are +0 to learn. Those that contain no affinity of yours are -1 to learn.

Discipline: Ability to cast what you want, affect who you want, and avoid hurting yourself while doing it. Women are generally be better at this (+1 to Discipline for all weaves). Failure on this roll implies mental stress, mental consequences, or environmental fallout. Single target is the standard difficulty. Multiple targets or specific area affect require additional levels of success on Discipline.

Any weave that uses any affinities the caster has are +1 to Discipline for each affinity.

Conviction: Determines how powerful your casting is, which can include increasing the size of the result of the weave in a crude manner (i.e. a fireball becomes a larger fireball with conviction, it could take a different shape than a sphere with Discipline). Men are generally be better at this (+1 to all conviction rolls). Failure here implies physical stress, physical consequences, environmental fallout, or potentially something helpful for your target.

Any weave that uses only affinities the caster has are +1 to Conviction.

In addition, there are two more Wheel of Time specific effects.

Taint: I expect to handle this through monitoring the use of the Power by each individual and applying aspects over time. In the books, it manifested itself differently in each individual. I'll work out a way that it manifests in each person. It will be subtle at first and then get worse over time. Unless someone cleanses the taint, of course.

Exhaustion: A player will receive mental or physical stress from failure of the Discipline or Conviction roll. I may also adjudicate ad hoc stress increases if the One Power is used in a significant way in consecutive (or several consecutive) scenes.

Links: Forming a link requires each member of the link to achieve a Discipline of at least 2. Only 13 women can be included in a circle. More can be included with the help of a male channeler. The main channeler provides the Discipline roll, though other people in the circle can add fate points. The other channelers all provide additional conviction. They all roll their conviction and add the resulting conviction minus 2 (minimum of zero).

Overchannel: A character can voluntarily take physical damage to increase their Conviction. This can lead to burnout. Every point of damage a character takes increases their conviction by one. This can be used to fill out mental stress boxes and lead to Consequences being added to the character (-2, -4, -6, or -8 are all possibilities).

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Mon 18 Jan 2016
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The One Power
Weaves that have been discovered by the PCs:

Detect Shadowspawn
Lore needed: 0
Minimum Discipline: 2
Conviction: Accuracy/Range

Single-Target Fireball
Lore needed: 2
Minimum Discipline: 3
Conviction: Damage

Air, Spirit, Water
Lore: 2
Discipline: 2,3,4,5,6 (stress only, -2 Conseq, -4 conseq, -6 conseq, -8 conseq)
Conviction: Conv*2=stress+consequences needing removal (must do all at once)

All five
Lore: 2 (Aelwyth yet to learn)
Discipline: 4
Conviction: Opposed Conviction roll (-1 if target is opposite gender)

Arms of Air
Lore: 1 (All three yet to learn)
Discipline: 0-8

Lift item or creature. Discipline and Conviction determine how much can be lifted.

0 is 5 lbs, then 25, 100, 200 (man-sized), 400 (Trolloc), 800, 1500, 3000, 6000

Lore: 2
Discipline: 1-5 (sets the amount of time since passage of person, 3 hours, 12, 24, 36, 48)
Conviction: 1-5 (sets the range to the person, 75 feet, 300, 600, 1500, 5280)

This improves if there is an item given to the person that caster is trying to trace.

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Mon 18 Jan 2016
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The One Power
Weaves that have not been discovered by the PCs (these are generally hidden from view of the PCs).

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