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Sun 8 Feb 2015
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Weapons used by the PCs will generally fall into one of 3 categories, which will affect the amount of stress that you will put on your opponent. The lists below are examples rather than exhaustive.

Weapon 1: (Small blades and bludgeoning instruments and small thrown weapons - generally can be concealed)
Knives, daggers, saps, hand axes or throwing axes, small hammers, hand picks, slings, darts, short bows, hand crossbows, etc.

Weapon 2: (One handed, non-concealable weapons, or larger missile or thrown weapons)
Longsword, rapier, mace, battle axe (used one-handed), sword-breaker, most bows and crossbows, spears, javelins, etc.

Weapon 3: (Two handed, large melee weapons)
Polearms, two-handed swords, axes that require two hands, battle pick, etc.

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Wed 2 Sep 2015
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Power-wrought weapons will eventually be available - additional effects can range from rolling an extra FATE die (or dice) to applying an aspect on your opponent if certain conditions are met (i.e. beat opposition by 2 or more)
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Thu 21 Jan 2016
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Armor generally falls into 4 categories:

Armor 1: (light, non-restrictive armor)
Padded and boiled leather armors

Armor 2: (thicker, restrictive around upper-body, weight affects certain skills)
Padding and mail, breastplate, chain shirt

Armor 3: (covers most of body and further restricts movement)
Plate and mail, Heavy splint, or thick and restrictive hide armor

Armor 4:( best and most coverage, greatest movement restriction)
Full plate

Note that the use of a shield adds one point to the character's armor rating.