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Rules and RTJ Information
Rules are as followed please:

1) Please be an active poster. I post multiple times a day myself. If you are inactive for 3 weeks your character will be deleted.

2) We play nicely here or we do not play at all.

3) No god modding/or taking control of anthers character (unless you have previous permission, which sometimes does happen but please inform a gm)

4) Out of Character (OOC) and character conflicts will stay separate if you can not solve your problem together take it to the GM and they will decide/ Please take your problem to a private message.

5)This is an adult game and there is a high possibility of adult content. You must submit an age statement when you submit your RTJ, even if it is just to lurk. Use the one as follows:

 I (Username) am (age) years old (DOB). I am able to view adult content in my place of residence.

((Please note if failure to add an age statement your RTJ will be auto deleted within 48 hrs))

6) We understand that real life happens but please try to give us a heads up if you have to leave us for long. The game will not be held for any-ones sake.

RTJ Info-

This game is a free-form style. Please create a character and send it in and we will talk about it.

There are current characters up for grabs though their creation is up to you.

This is all still developing so lets have fun!

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Re: Rules and RTJ Information
Character Openings -

Please feel free to Create your own Character.

Sister 1 - Dalia
Sister 2 - Lyra
Care Taker - Erebus

Other Characters - Open

Sister 1's Mate - Open
Sister 2's Mate - Open

(Please note - The Mate of each sister is essentially their significant other. These positions have yet to be decided until later when characters have had time to develop.)

We are open to all kinds of powerful beings.


Character Sheet (You do not have to use this)

Full Name-
Age apparent-


Eye Color-
Hair color-
Hair Style-
Body shape-

Personality -



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