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Smokestack Bay
Ringed by wild seas to the north and thick mountains to the south, the Bay provides an area of relative peace to the weary traveller.

The highest point for miles was the site of a city in ancient days. Now the buildings are tumbled and the roads are caved in to sinkholes. Plants grow out through every crack and window. Birds and animals give their cries night and day. A few clever humans climb through the high rises, using altitude for safety.

Nearby are the Black Fields. Long ago the old ones drove spikes down, seeking the black blood of the earth. It is the source of great fire, useful as a weapon and as fuel for smoke engines. Games of wild, violent hedonists fight over the black fields.

To the north is the bay, a vast water weigh that houses mysterious metal Islands. The waves are Mighty, water is deep, and there are many fish to be found. Swimmers take their lives in their hands with the man-eating aquatic beasts, but there is much to salvage beneath the surface.

To the Northwest is an archipelago of Islands that are also rich with rivers and streams. These sheltered coves are the home of many water going people. Vessels are usually powered by sails and oars, but the occasional steam motor.

To the south are plateaus, similar to the ruined city but smaller. Ancient roads, many overgrown but some clear, still allow winding passage. Rumours of tunnels abound.
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Smokestack Bay
"The Son scoured the land and said, "Let those righteous few inherit the world."" - Revealator Duke

A theological warband organized around the self-described prophetic psychopomp, Revealator Duke, the Illuminate wander the wastes in search of Urmet, the holy land that was revealed to Duke during his one of his seance orgies. Wielding a mixture of virtually medieval weapons and steam-powered behemoths they have recently settled near the Black Fields where they claim to be engaged in a Holy Crusade to remove heretics from the promised land.

People to Know

Revealator Duke: Pulling double duty as the defacto leader and spiritual guide, Revealator Duke is the chosen mouthpiece of The Son and the only one capable of carrying souls into the afterlife.

Caine Marius: Also known as Murderdog, Caine is the elite warrior among the Illuminate and one of their most zealous adherents. Standing a grossly inhuman seven feet tall, Cain is clothed in scrap mail and wields a chain welded to a broken fire hydrant as a mace.

Gabriel Atticus: Also known as Flinch, Gabriel is one of the select few adherents that is allowed to learn the Heretical Arts, namely what remains of science and engineering, to produce and maintain the weapons and vehicles the Illuminate require to wage their holy war.
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Smokestack Bay
The Road Kill is a gang of raiders with a twist. They gather old-world cars and vehicles and make use of them for sinister purposes. They are known to implant reclaimed Lockjacks into their slave-soldiers. This vastly decreases their lifespans but makes it possible for them to use Pre-Fall vehicles. They worship the old technology, considering gas engines to be holy relics of the God of Combustion. Every car is an altar, to be anointed with the blood of the unfaithful.


Piston (Leader)
Sharp Sparkie (Warrior)
Holy Cam (Spiritual Advisor)
Oilfinger (Craftsmen)

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Smokestack Bay
The Mongols are a violent tribe of nomads that raids others for resources and tribute to their gods. They ride dirt bikes and modified construction equipment. Mongols usually wear thick leather and fur, with pointed helmets completing the de facto uniform. They can also be known for their scars and cuts, and exotic ritual fetishes. Their weapons are bows, blades, and occasionally guns.

[*] Their leader "Khan"
[*] The best warrior "Apache"
[*] The spiritual leader "Preacher"
[*] Their finest craftsman "Tinker"

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