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Thu 5 Mar 2015
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Opening Oratory
Welcome to Venture Quest: The Innsmouth Look(TIL).

TIL is primarily a game for players and myself to learn, practice and hone our playing skills in the new Dungeons and Dragons 5e rule-set. There is no goal to take ourselves overly serious nor to become tournament level experts in the rules. There are enough of those style games and groups out there that do just fine enough on their own. They will survive without us jumping into their sun-hued pools and adding to the warmth from our own bladders.

Experience rewards follow the traditions of rewards for monster kills, quest achievement, role playing, teamwork/comrade, as well as for contributing to the enjoyment of the game or just making a funny arse joke. Sportsmanship is also highly valued. A spectacular defeat, going out with a bang can count more towards party/character advancement, if played well, then a sweeping victory played by the numbers. Nothing wrong with victory either, just trying to make a point that this is a game where the playing of the game itself is more important than who scores the winning Gnomepunt. As well, sabotage of the party's or another player's goals is never in good form.

As this is a public forum, and most of us are family with children, I ask that you keep your posts, even those in private to a PG rating. If you write something that you wouldn't want your wife/husband or children to read, then don't post it here. Not to say that there is no room for adult humor, but there are other alleys, back alleys, for it to be shared in. Not all need be an  Unfortunate Rake.

Enough said already, to long have I typed and to looming is the coming sobriety.

Venture Venture Venture Quest Ho!!!!

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Sun 12 Apr 2015
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Game Setting: Where in F'ing Faerun are we?
     Venture Quest: The Innsmouth Look(TIL) takes place in the well-established, deeply chronicled and extensively documented setting of the Forgotten Realms. Geographically speaking, a stone’s throw and a half from the gates of Candle Keep. The events take place shortly after the Baldur’s Gate adventures, but previous to any cataclysmic events such as the sundering of magic or spell plague or any of that other silliness put into books to scare descent spell casters away from their art.

    What has not been extensively documented is the aspiring township of Bookington Manors, settled by some suave entrepreneurs who recognized that the self-sustaining Abbey of Candle Keep was doing an adequate job of self-sustainment, but not a really well done, or a very fun course of self-sustainment. Thus Bookington Manors is a small town with a grand facade of finery, form and fast favor catering to the needs of the Monks of Candle Keep supplying them with many an item or diversion that cannot be normally found within the walls of the hallowed institution. Be it a different style of Ale, an imported cask of bourbon, a selection of tasty chocolates, a savory smoked haunch of beast, an aromatic pipe weed blend, fresh limes and a bucket of ice, an unheard stanza of the latest music sweeping the coast,,, and yes, company for the evening,  the monks of Candle Keep can find it within the gated walls of Bookington Manors. To be noted, the monks are not the only source of income of coin or other services bartered in payment that the thriving business takes in. The many traders who have traveled to the locale often stay for an overnight or two as well and take enjoyment of the offerings. In some circles, Bookington Manors is referred to as Prius Vegus. Sin, “not really a city, nowhere near in size yet, actually but aim to be real city sized big one day soon City,” itself.
*One might ask why such an establishment has been allowed to grow, redden and fester outside the walls of the most highly respected and revered institutions of all Faerun. Well, the denizens of Candle Keep are well known to be fiercely protective of their domain within their walls and not overly committed to interfering with the comings and goings on of events outside those wall, but perhaps it may also be that the current ArchBursar In Residence of the keep is receiving a 31.41% take of the profits. Yes, You can say she has her fingers in the Pie*

The sudden increase of wealth within the area has not gone unnoticed. The bare infancy of the townships security, mostly supplied by RentA’Pikeman, and FodderforHire, has also made it an attractive, low hanging fruit to be yanked by those of a villainous nature.

Thus our party of adventures find themselves, looking for hire in place looking to hire them. Pretty convenient how that works out, right?

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Sun 12 Apr 2015
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What's my motivation? Why start here?
I'll leave the motivation up to you. But for the why here? Because everybody has to start somewhere if they ever want to have been anywhere. This is as good of a place to start as you'll find across the world of Faerun. There are other, older, more established locales sure, but Bookington Manors currently has the bets favoring the young Hackers and Casters and instead of the Monsters and Murderers.
Zadock Allen
Sun 12 Apr 2015
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Just a little background music,

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