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Dungeon Master Philostrate
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Mon 23 Mar 2015
at 21:29
Ship's Journal: XP Tally
Your currently earned XPs are entered here.

Level 1:    0
         2:   300
         3:   900
         4:   2,700
         5:   6,500
         6:   14,000
         7:   23,000
         8:   48,000
        10:   64,000
        11:   85,000
        12:   100,000

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Dungeon Master Philostrate
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Sun 12 Apr 2015
at 15:35
Journal of Curiosities
Inspiration, Benes(pronounced benees- as in bens knees but without the intervening skn) and Hail Larrys.

Inspiration is straight out of the Players Handbook. You are awarded Inspiration for either some really good Role Playing, creative writing or making a damn fine joke. You can only have one Inspiration at a time. You can give an inspiration to another player. Turning in an inspiration allows you to reroll a die you just rolled.

Benes are points that you can spend to add to your die rolls. Say you need to roll a 19 to hit something. You can say, Im spending 5 Benes, and then +5 will be added to your die roll in addition to any other bonuses. Benes are awarded the same way as inspiration, but there is not a cap on how many you can amass. Benes are not transferable.

Hail Larrys. A super award. Spending a Hail Larry allows you to spend Inspiration and Benes on the same die roll. You can only have one Hail Larry at a time. Non transferable.

After some side discussion, it does not appear that adding Hail Larry's to the game causes more chaos than being a positive benefit. As the game goes, I'll re-evaluate if some other form of award is necessary over and above Inspiration and Benes.

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Dungeon Master Philostrate
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Sun 12 Apr 2015
at 15:36
Log of Curiousness
Check regularly for Award updates.

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Tue 21 Apr 2015
at 21:49
Chalice of Creeping Doom: H.P. Accounting
This is what I have from the threads and die roller for this adventure. If I missed any damage or heals, please let me know.


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