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Fri 6 Mar 2015
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Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
Here is where players can write a small bit about their character and give out any information another character might pick on just by sitting in the same room with them. More in depth background stories are welcome, but only after characters have had time to meet and actually talk to each other.
I used to give out extra experience awards in previous games for creative backgrounds and imagination. I don't think that would work so well with this group of players. You all would have enough experience built up for several levels before even hitting adventure road.

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Fri 6 Mar 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
In reply to Dungeon Master Philostrate (msg # 1):

"What are you looking at?" Mutters the midget in the loincloth. Well, that is being rather generous. It is really just the skin of a dead animal wrapped around his waist. Not to say that he is totally naked otherwise. He has boots! (Ok, again, the skin of a dead animal wrapped around his feet and tied with twine...)

"Yer just lucky I already bagged me an annoying city grubbing lookie loo!" He slaps his right arm, which is covered in crude pictograms of animals and stick figures. His left arm has more tattoos as well. He taps his bare chest and grins, "Saving this spot for a dragon. Or a giant. Or a god!"

Yes, he is probably cold, sitting on his stool clad in next to nothing. He doesn't seem to care though. He is probably a little bit crazy. At least he looks that way, with weapons strapped to his belt, and a shocking topknot of white hair sprouting from his skull. And he is definitely short. Probably best not to comment on that though. See the part about being crazy and covered with weapons.

"Bah! I done chatted long enough. If yer gonna keep wasting my time, at least buy me another drink. Tomorrow I become a man. Tomorrow I keep my promise to my pa, and kill me one of EVERYTHING!"
Pete Speculatores
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Sun 8 Mar 2015
at 23:18
Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
     Dressed in browns and greens a figure strides out from a back hall holding a puffball of white, she sits on a stool by the fire with a grunt.  A perusal of the figure reveals a long split skirt of forest green hanging loosely over tan buckskin leggings.  She wears tall brown boots and a vest of studded brown leather over a faded green shirt.  Pete’s long brown hair has braids and twists with bits of feathers and beads stuck in them.  The feathers are quills and there is a sound of faint chiming bells that can be assumed to come from the nest of her hair.  With large green eyes in an otherwise plain face, she looks around and then strokes the critter in her hands.   A flare in the fire gives a sparkle to her ashen skin, fidgeting she moves to find the shadows of the room and humming under her she strokes the fur gently.
    "Hush now Wook.  I'm sure it won't be long."
Shad DoHammer
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Tue 17 Mar 2015
at 20:31
Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
    You hear a continuos tapping, originating from a dark corner table. You cant see much, but from what you can see, there seems to be a Duerger, dressed in the cloth and skins normally worn by sea-goers, with a mad glint in his eyes that would look more suited on wolf, who had just found five plump and weak elks, and couldn't decide which one to eat first. He carries a quarter staff, and you cannot tell if he carries more than that. Other patrons, ecspecially the town watchmen, seem wary of him and try to keep there distance. Even so, he is quite the topic to talk about, since most of his kind stay under ground, except for when they come up to capture more slaves to use or trade, however they are usually never alone, and never dress like a sailor. He also has 13 empty mugs and 2 he's working on emptying, that hold a mysterious, brown, frothy, and VERY bubbly liquid..........
Caelynn Starflower
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Tue 17 Mar 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions

   Keeping to the shadows and scanning for possible marks, Caelynn makes her way to the bar.  Her long cloudlike mass of hair flowing down her back over purple studded leather armor.  Reaching the benches she takes a seat and scans the other patrons again, her dark purple eyes seem to swallow the shadows.
   She pulls off her gloves and tosses them lightly to the bar, her smooth slender gray hands deft and sure.  Bramble Wine, if you could.
Myrddin Opus
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Sun 22 Mar 2015
at 22:08
Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
A muffled tumbling sound from near the hearth captures your interest. As your eyes scan the room, you settle upon what appears to be a rather incongruous gathering of merchants, nobles...and townsfolk?. There must be something special happening to create this quirky, social triad. All of their attention seems to be centered on a crate next to a peculiar elf (but not quite...Elves don't have beards). Ah, a Half Elf; the best of both worlds, or so you've heard.

Your gaze is drawn to the massive pile of gold crowning the top of the crate, which is serving as makeshift table. The Half Elf roles the dice again, and as they leave his hand, he meets your gaze with a slight, telling smile. Have you ever seen dice rolled so skillfully, proficiently...dare say, eloquently? As the dice glisten in the air, you can feel the collective tension choking the spectators, like half solid fingers reaching inside their open mouths and down their throats, to grasp quickening hearts. The Half Elf stranger's eyes are still locked with yours as his dice hit the crate with a pronounced rolling, or shifting; no deviating from the fate of the roll.

The pips stare straight into the dimness of room, telling their story of riches won and lives lost. You can hear the ever-increasing rise of a raucous din, but your eyes are still held captive with the unmistakable forces of wonder and curiosity woven within the stranger's gaze. From your periphery you notice heads hung low and feet shuffling towards the front door. The gold still adorns the crate. The Half Elf releases his intoxicating stare and begins to transfer his winnings into a leather pouch on his belt, when he sees a young man, head in his hands, sitting at the table next to him. The stranger walks over and pushes a stack of coins into the focus of the young man. Bending low and whispering, he moves the gold closer. You now find yourself close enough to hear the Half Elf, "I only take from those who can afford to loose a few coins. Go home and feed your family."

You watch the crowd disperse, save a few stragglers who remain, offering handshakes and pats on the back. No one seems sore they odd. When the last of the well-wishers scurry-off, the Half Elf settles into a chair by the fire. He draws a flute from a sheath strapped across his back (Just as dangerously as a Kensai Blademaster might draw his sword), and lays it gingerly upon the table in front of him. One of the barmaids saunters over and whispers in his ear. A sly smile slices his cheeks and pierces the dark from under his wide-brimmed hat. A gold coin appears from within his palm and travels down the outside of his fingers, and back up again. The Barmaid, still breathing words into his ear sets a bubbling distillate (handed to her by the Barkeep without ever pausing her furtive murmuring) in front of the stranger. The coin slides back down his fingers and into her pouch. She straightens, and the Half Elf tilts his head slightly in acknowledgement. As the Barmaid takes her leave, he picks up his flute and begins to play what appears to be a dirge...hardly fitting for a tavern.

His eyes now closed, (no doubt lost in those haunting notes) a crowd begins to slide towards him, drawn towards his requiem. You probe through the increasing throng for another glimpse of the stranger. Like hungry, seeking tongues, your gaze finally punctures the expanding wall of people, and your eyes rest upon your target. As much as he seemed to be in his element with all that gold on the line just moments ago, you cannot imagine more fitting scenery than what you are witnessing now. Hands pound the table in rhythm to the expanding,  melancholic march. The Half Elf stands and strides towards the door, his playing more purposeful and deep. As he moves closer towards you, his features are brought more into focus. The well-oiled beard, ending in sharp point is bejeweled with tiny stones that flash just as bright and intriguing as his smile, that click against the flute as he plays. A red patterned waistcoat covers a white open-laced shirt, tucked neatly into tight, black trousers, which truncate at a pair of black gold tall boots. A black and silver floral scarf is wrapped around his neck. All of this refinement is topped with a luxurious green long coat. As he passes, you notice a rather large scar peeking-out from below his scarf, where the material meets the hair on his chest (surely there's a story there). His chestnut hair flirts with his narrow shoulders and invades his mouth as he continues to play, seemingly unbeknownst to the piper. Once he reaches the door, your nose catches the thick scent of oil and incense. You are enamored by his presence.

Once he reaches the door the congregation also rises, now stomping their feet to what has fully become a funeral march. They follow him outside, (as do you) and the stranger leads his followers down the street into an alley. You hasten your steps, surely to the harbor, and a pyre for some poor soul. You catch-up to the procession in time to see the Half Elf standing over a slumped over man at the end of the alley...the whispering Barmaid next to him. The music trails off and the piper sheaths his flute into that same leather pouch strapped to his back. He takes his hat off, places it to his chest and steps aside, letting the Barmaid take center stage (He almost seemed reluctant to do so). The crowd, confused as to why they are present (like you, they expected the proper send-off for a well-deserved warrior).

Looming over the half-conscious man, the Barmaid kicks him swiftly in the shins, which wakes him completely. Some words are exchanged, but you can't quite make it out from your position in the back of the audience. There are more words, hand gestures, and finally a well-struck slap across the face of the young man. The crowd's confusion turns quickly into unrestrained laughter (at the young man's expense) and cheers. The Half Elf surreptitiously slips through the mass towards you. From the front you can now see a gleaming rapier stashed around his waist, and as he pulls a wooden pipe from under his coat, you see a handcrossbow holstered there...and you think deadly at dice, arms, and song!

The stranger reaches you and throws his arm around your neck. He glances back over his shoulder, towards the Barmaid, who is still going at it with what you have figured was her husband. With that same telling smile he flashed you while throwing his dice earlier, he says, "A man's funeral isn't always at the end of his life. Well met; they call me Myrddin Opus. Let me buy you drink...we have much to discuss."
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Mon 23 Mar 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
Wearing a dark cloak of fine (but somewhat tattered) deep blue cloth, the dark human strides towards the back of the tavern. Clinking mail and the quiet clack of weaponry signal his passage. His gaze rounds the room as he walks and locks eyes with you briefly. His piercing countenance seems to scan your very soul for something--right before he breaks into a large, toothy grin of brilliant white teeth.

He seats himself at a lone table in the corner, motioning to the keeper for drink and food. He sits upright in his chair.  Something about his stance speaks of noble banquets and feasts held before courts, however his somewhat humble appearance seems to suggest long lost wealth and birth. Again the grin flashes easily to the face as he greets other patrons around him.

He seems array'd with some subtle weaponry, nothing too flashy, but the sword at his side and javelins at his back seem to belie  his friendly aspect. You notice as he moves, the triskelion sigil emblazoned on his jerkin, equally as fine--and careworn--as his cloak.

His dark locks flash red and black as he tosses his head in laughter, some subtle joke out of earshot his attraction. Casually he converses with patrons around the tavern, yet seems detached and haughty as he passes.

"Hello, I'm Faedred, second son of Daulaught, well met!" he cries, as the consequence of empty flagons begin to mount.
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Wed 25 Mar 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
      With a quick step and wide eyes a lass appears from the way of the facilities.  Dressed in greens and browns she blends with the inhabitants of the pub space but for her height.  The quickness of her progress helps her to avoid mishaps of steps from other patrons and spilled drinks or tossed bones.  She looks to the bar-stools but doesn’t like the heights.  Eugenia is less than 4 feet tall so the tables look much more appealing.   Besides her quarterstaff no weapons are seen under the bulkiness of her cloak and only a bit of her short spiky, red hair is visible.   Her coppery brown eyes scan the room and she taps clean fair hands against the tabletop.

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Mon 30 Mar 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
A loud *THUNK*, followed by a stream of equally loud, harsh-sounding utterances (one needn't understand a word of Draconic to know this individual is swearing profusely), herald the arrival of a — VERY — tall and heavily muscled  Dragonborn. Or, more accurately, the impact of said Dragonborn's head with the doorframe. After backing up and ducking his head down further, the bare-chested Dragonborn finally enter's the Grogshoppe proper, albeit while rubbing his forehead and snarling at the low doorframe.

Now fully inside the 'Shoppe, the stranger straightens out, standing a staggering 7'8" tall, not counting the several pairs of majestic horns erupting from the back of his head, the largest being easily a foot long. The light of the fireplace flickers and gleams in his brilliant, brass-colored scales, and his brilliant, golden eyes flash with his current irritation. Upon closer examination, one will note the heavily soot-stained trousers of a smith, as well as a trio of massive weapons strapped to his back: A maul, a greatsword, and a greataxe.

Clawed hands clenched into fists, the Draconic stranger slowly makes his way towards a table with a particularly sturdy-looking chair, into which he carefully lowers himself, giving a curt wave towards one of the many barmaids and having a brief discussion with her before she heads off to the kitchen and then the bar. After a time, the barmaid returns, carrying a large flagon in two hands and setting it before the Dragonborn, which causes something remarkable to happen: the stranger's scaled lips part in a wide grin and he hands the barmaid several gold pieces and sends her on her way with a particularly cheeky pinch, chuckling heartily when the barmaid lets out a soft, "Eep!" and proceeds to walk just a little bit faster. At that, he lifts the massive flagon to his lips and takes a long pull of the liquid within before sighing contentedly and looking around the room at the other patrons therein.
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Tue 7 Apr 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
From the shadows of the 'Shoppe, a lone Wood Elf has been silently taking in her surroundings and absorbing the stories and lore that her fellow adventurers have shared through words and actions.  Wavy copper hair reveals a strong, stunningly beautiful face.  Bright green eyes, set mischievously within their sockets, watch faithfully over everyone as they've watched over her family for most of her 150 years.

A scar reaching from her pale copper bicep and running towards her elbow leaves a painful reminder of lost friends and family that she will never see again.

This is the face of Mordahliwen, a true vindicator among Wood Elves. Wen, as she is known, stands alluringly among others, despite her small frame.

There's something alluring about her, perhaps it's her good looks or perhaps it's simply her reputation. But nonetheless, people tend to sense that she is a fierce ranger, while subtlety staring in wonder at her beauty.  Wen smirks, relishing in the calm before the storm.  She knows that a new adventure is about to begin, and she is ready to spill first blood to defend her friends and her honor.
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Wed 8 Apr 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
Sitting in a corner of the tavern dressed in simple well worn clothes and leather armour, is a high elf. He appears to be in a trancelike state, smiling as if a rather funny joke was told, yet it is practically silent. Then his eyes open and lock onto yours immediately. His gaze is calm and steady, and although you wouldn't admit it, rather intimidating. However his face breaks into a broad smile as he picks up his belongings; a small pack, a hand axe and short bow, and walks up to your table and sits down with a grace only seen in elves. Hello he says, I was told I could find you here. You see, I'm looking for a certain group of people and I know you gave them directions. Rather confused, you stammer out the directions to the strange elf. Then, thanking you for your help he gets up to leave. Before he reaches the door you ask him how he knew all of that information and how to seek out you. The elf simply replies, I was told by the one who guides the paths of fate. He then thanks you once more before turning and closing the door behind him.
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Sun 2 Aug 2015
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Re: Not me Guvenor, Innocent I am! : Character Introductions
At a corner table; sits a rotund halfling; beside him is another man, ragged in appearance. The mans head nods, and his nose nearly drops into his flagon multiple times as the halfling carries on and on.

"and then she says, my mother says,...well and here's the boots o'speed your grandfather bequeathed you, so you might move about and lose some weight, yet every time I see you; you're lyin on the couch and eating a bit of tart."

"How could I stay? Night and day, day and night she rails. Zounds, and if she'd seen me in Beregost after those three months in poverty, all skin and bones. Then she would've thanked the gods, and congratulated herself on what a fine mother she'd been.  The only halfling woman I know that equates success in life based on height weight index."

"So there I was; every copper spent and the landlady buzzing about like a fly every time I opened the door. Then,...Cavendish"
he mutters "black hearted villain."

"He hits me up outside the door one evening, and I'm sluggish, and perturbed as usual. No pipe, no money, no drink."

"What's the trouble now, landlady again? I know some people who might..."

"Would you stop that? Honestly, normal halflings don't go about talking on having their landladies knocked off when they're in a bit of a lurch."

"I was only saying...."

"Yes, and that's the trouble, chatter on the street like we're already at a corner table at the inn,...there are authorities you know."

"Authorities be damned."

"Just like that you see?"

He continues to his drowsy friend at the table, "And so, it went on from there. He told me if I didn't have the stomach to have her out of the way, I might at least take a pry bar to her strongbox. At first I was incredulous, but Cavendish is a very convincing fellow. Besides that, he was the only one about town that would still by me a drink, and get me a smoke. Not to mention the credit."

"Yes best not to mention the credit. Lords, I needn't mention the credit extended, nor the training costs, because the man himself will be writing letters to me like a scholar reminding me about it all till doomsday."

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