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Fri 12 Jun 2015
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Crew Stasis Chambers
The most precious cargo on board the SS Janus is contained here. This is the heart of the ship. Even while Engineering provides the pulse of the vessel. this room provides her purpose.

The Stasis Pods are housed in a long, thin room that curves elegantly along the starboard side of the Janus. This chamber feels better maintained than the rest of the ship, and there is something strangely comforting to the cold, cloying silence that hangs thick and restful upon the air here.

The outer wall is inset with hundreds of stasis pods, lined up next to one another like soldiers standing at attention. Each pod emits a soft bluish glow, and the faces sleeping within are lightly obscured with a blush of white gas, and the soft crackling of ice upon the lid. The resting crew appears peaceful and at ease, as they dream within the EPIPHANY subsystem.

At first glance, the room is not particularly impressive. However, venturing a few steps out onto the narrow, metal walkway and looking up or down, one can see that the room extends for a hundred feet in either direction. A fragile looking catwalk provides access to each level of stasis pods, connected by a narrow, cold staircase at regular intervals.

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