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 GM, 1 post
Tue 14 Apr 2015
at 23:27
This thread is for talking about what character you are creating, what you are thinking about playing, and so on. The general pre-game organization. It is OOC (out-of-character), obviously. Feel free to ask about any rules questions.

Once you have a character or concept, you should post it, so that others can avoid duplication. You might also wish to collaborate on which languages the party speaks.

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 player, 1 post
Wed 15 Apr 2015
at 17:48
Re: Pre-game
I built a monk, will be building damage and just a little defensive.I'm stealthy with a good perception, and can always keep watch half the night.
 GM, 3 posts
Fri 17 Apr 2015
at 02:07
Re: Pre-game
Everybody has an account now. Our cast looks like:

  • Aldridge Finley, the Bard Trader of the Monkey Clan
  • Westra Hornraven, the Druid Hunter of the Monkey Clan
  • Ryudo, the Monk Carpenter of the Ostrich Clan
  • Alwanzatar, the Sorcerer Hunter of the Spider-Monkey Clan
  • Airdsgainne, the Druid Wise Man of the Rabbit Clan

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 GM, 4 posts
Mon 20 Apr 2015
at 18:32
Re: Pre-game
I've moved all the game information into the Game Wiki, which is linked at the top right of each page.