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R. Race Rasmusen
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Wed 27 May 2015
at 23:34
After requesting to join, I'll give you access, roll a character up in the Personals thread.

Using this version of FASERIP:

If you wish to play a specific superhero like Spider-Man or The Flash I'll work with you to create it at a power in line with random characters.

Posting is preferred once per weekday (5 days a week).

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R. Race Rasmusen
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Thu 28 May 2015
at 20:44
Re: Submissions
How to roll up a FASERIP character.

Characters start at World Class Wc[30] in all attributes.

Roll 20d100.

Rolls 1 through 3 consult the Random Ability Table on pg 9, add +1 rank as indicated

Rolls 4 through 6 consult the Random Ability Table on pg 9, -1 rank as indicated

You next have 8 points you can choose to boost attributes, powers or roll on the 'Power Aquisition Table' on page 13.

If you choose to roll on the 'Power Aquisition Table', take you next available roll, i.e. #7 for the first time you roll, and then immediately your next one if you get a power type to determine the actual power (unless you get a duplicate and decide to boost it, or you get an ability boost).

Note on the character sheet what you did with each of these points and rolls with them.

If you run out of rolls, roll an additional 10d100 etc.