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R. Race Rasmusen
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Wed 10 Jun 2015
at 16:06
The Astrology Column (Karma)
Your Karma will be tracked here.  Each day you make at least one post gives you 1 karma.
R. Race Rasmusen
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Wed 1 Jul 2015
at 21:20
Re: The Astrology Column (Karma)
Gyre -68 for ensuring success of trickshot.

For Defeating a villain, interrupting a violent crime & days posted:
Gyre +35
Devilgirl +27
The Spook +26

For Defeating a villain, interrupting a minor crime, rescuing people, act of charity & days posted.
Darien +52
R. Race Rasmusen
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Thu 6 Aug 2015
at 18:36
Re: The Astrology Column (Karma)
#2 reward Character Current Karma
66             Gyre          123
63             Devil Girl    200
72             Darien        115
62             The Spook     178
54             Karen Wong    134

I made a spreadsheet to track the Karma, details might be a little sketchy, if I made any errors, let me know.

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R. Race Rasmusen
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Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 21:49
Re: The Astrology Column (Karma)
Darien 15+51(posts)-40(Public Defeat)+125(Share) = 151
Manmirror 100+54(posts)+125(Share) = 279