Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)   Posted by R. Race Rasmusen.Group: 0
R. Race Rasmusen
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Mon 20 Nov 2017
at 19:00
Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)

Manmirror & Devilgirl spotted fighting a riot of what police called a the "Snake Drug Ring" a gang of addicts to a new drug called "Snake Juice" which has side effects including scaly skin, growing tails and extreme steroid like rage.  We attempted to get in touch with one of the arrested gang members.  We've been told they're being taken to a high security federal prison for suspected terrorists until further notice.  Could it be Guantanamo this reporter speculates?  In any case this reporter agrees that they need to be kept off the streets.


Shelters in various nearby states have shipped excess kitties to New York, an anonymous donor offered to pay all adoption costs for anyone "claiming" to have lost a cat.  Get yours today!  Reports of cat disappearances have returned to below normal amounts. A major earthquake now unlikely says seismologist, but warns that tropical earthquakes now more likely due to earth slowing, avoid equatorial regions.


In spite of a strong showing, Reynold's bid for Mayor failed.  This reporter is saddened at the extent of corruption evidenced by the disparity of exit polls and votes counted, and demands throwing the results out, a special election, and calls for the immediate incarceration of Mayor Barco on charges of voter fraud.  In related news the Police have come to an agreement with Barco for resuming duties.
R. Race Rasmusen
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Tue 28 Nov 2017
at 00:41
Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)

My dear readers, it's been a quiet week since all the previous excitement.  No more spikes in cat disappearances, crime is at an low thanks to these new super-humans patrolling and the return of police to their jobs.  Enjoy it while it lasts!  I can feel something coming in the air, and I urge all readers to keep vigilant!
R. Race Rasmusen
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Fri 1 Dec 2017
at 22:07
Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)

A ball of fire was caught on security footage engulfing the Entire Egyptian Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night.  After the fire subsided the entire temple was gone!  Pysisists say it couldn't have been vaporized as that much energy would have been like nuclear bomb going off.  What happened to it, no one knows.  What appears to be female figure can be seen at the center of the temple as this happened.  The rest of the security footage shows nothing coming or going.  Is this God finally destroying the heathen artifacts?
Henry Elias Blackthorne
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Tue 5 Dec 2017
at 20:49
Re: Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)
R. Race Rasmusen:

Henry frowned at the news report - he was opposed, in general, to the theft of priceless artifacts, especially ones tied to the ancient legacy of a proud people. And to be done in so spectacular of a fashion, it made him wonder who would be behind it. He had his suspicions - well, more like a general idea, but it was a good enough place to start - and he was eager to look into it.

Of course, it didn't hurt he was a high-profile donor - in all honesty, his father did most of the donating, but Henry wasn't going to let that stop him. He'd be able to get in to survey the site...that is, once his two new friends arrived. If they had a mind to investigate for themselves first, Henry hoped they'd at least call to cancel first. Courtesy mattered, after all.

OOC: Waiting on MM and Hooker to either arrive or call. ;)
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Wed 6 Dec 2017
at 06:49
Re: Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)
After the early morning traffic report, Max sees the story about the missing museum pieces. Immediately, he finds the card he received the day before and calls the Blackthorne residence.  Unfortunately, he doesn't know what to say when the phone is answered. As soon as Henry is on the phone, Manmirror explains, "I saw the news about the museum. It sounds like something I could help with. But, I really don't know how?"
Henry Elias Blackthorne
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Wed 6 Dec 2017
at 16:49
Re: Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)
"I was just looking at that," Henry noted. "Maybe we can insert ourselves into the investigation; I'm a donor, and can probably get us in to the scene. Is your friend with you?

"Oh, and which one of you needs a ride?"
Darien Hooker
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Thu 7 Dec 2017
at 07:30
Re: Front Page News Issue #4! (Here's where the play's at!)
Darien was perched on the edge of his couch, game controller in hand and simulated cartoon cart racing playing out on the screen before him. He was completely focused and contorting his face and posture as if it would help him avoid the hazards and other racers.

"I'm bored."

The foreign thought in his head caught him by surprise. In their years together, La'Anan had never uttered that phrase. His racing avatar rolled to a halt.

"You said you were bored. What's wrong."
"You made me a promise. To show me the world."
"I know..."
"And playing video games is not that."

Darien quit the game and set the controller on the coffee table. "Let's do something, then." He pulled the card out of his pocket and dialed.

"Anything interesting going on?"