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Wed 10 Aug 2016
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Between the Stars
Your ship, now flagged as a fugitive of the Empire, drifts in an uninhabited star system. With only a few unremarkable planets and asteroid belts, no-one has bothered even to name it. After being logged with a number in the archives of astronomers, it was forgotten.

No-one patrols here. It is off every space lane known to sentients. Your sensors detect no contacts other than rocks & solar radiation.

This is the site that was chosen by your Rebel commanders for your rendezvous. With no access to the military-restricted Holonet, communication for Rebel agents is difficult.

At least you've had a chance to catch your breaths. A day and a half aboard a cramped starship is no-ones' idea of a good time. You talk over the events of your previous mission, and practice whatever skills you can in the meantime.

You may upgrade:
Astrogation, charm, coercion, deception, discipline, leadership, mechanics, negotiation, perception, piloting (space), resilience, skulduggery, stealth, vigilance, brawl, gunnery, melee, ranged (light).
If someone else in the crew has ranks in a Knowledge skill, they can train you until you have at most their own rank.

You have 15 experience points to spend.
Each of you gains 10 in Duty. I will update the chart.

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Wed 10 Aug 2016
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Between the Stars
It was good to get away from the blasted planet.  They had accomplished the basic objective, but it has cost them.  Their ship was flagged and their faces were likely known.  A lot had gone wrong, they had lost some folks along the way, that grated worst of all - those not truely dedicated should not have joined in the first place, he fumed.

As soon as the long jump into hyperspace had commenced, Dienton rushed to Caddy and, with her permission, used the ships med bay to treat her wounds.  She had suffered more than the rest, but was tough and soon recovered.  He would have words with the next rebellion quartermaster he met.  Sending them off without so much as a medkit - for shame!

During the journey, he spent his time working on his skill with a blaster and medicine.  He was the consumate contradiction - a soldier healer, didnt seem like a match made in heavin, but it has served him well so far.

He also tried to engage the others in conversation- it was hard to remember, but he had not trained with this group and knew only a little about them.  He had spent the most time with Forim, but the others were basically new to him.

Speaking to Onyx
"Your handy with that rifle, it was good to have you covering us." Dienton spun his small blaster on his finger and hostered it "I wish I had the size for a rifle, but alas, each time I took a shot with that slugthrower I found I knocked myself back three feet and would skid on my rear untill I hit a wall" he laughed "You big guys" he looked up at Onyx from his 3 foot tall frame "must hit your heads alot on doorways.  Where are you from anyway?"

Speaking to Ikki
"Where you from Ikki?  I was surprised when you drew that Axe during the fight, didnt peg you as an Axe Wielding force of nature, but . .  well you kind of were"  he grinned "Im too small to wield more than a knife, which tends to be more of a sword for me" he laughs at his joke "no real reach, but my blaster makes up for that." patts his holster "I need something with a bit more range though - Im gonna have a long talk with the next quartermaster we come accross."

Speaking to Caddy
"Hey Caddy, glad to see your up and about, im sorry I couldnt help you sooner."  he looked down at his feet a bit.  He was still coming to terms with his role.  His medical training often had to come second to his combat training "I hope we can stock up on proper medical supplies for next time."  He glanced around somewhat nervously, this was a female, sort-of.  She might even be good looking if she had more hair on her face, but well . . he was never that lucky.  He just never knew what to say to a female, no matter how ugly or the species "Uhh, so whats your sign?"  he laughes "Just kidding, where are you from?"  He liked her spirit though, and her willingness to lead, though one could question that ability based on her capture.

Speaking to Forim
"Hey buddy, glad we had you at the helm!  Ill never take a trained pilot for granted again!  Keep lining those shots up like last time and we could have taken a full battalion of fighters!" He grins widely "Though I'm glad we didnt try"  laughing he claps Forim on the back, well he tried, but swatted his rear by accident "Opps!  Sorry - I forget how tall you all are sometimes!"  So how'd you come to the rebellion anyway"  Genuine curiousity evident on his face.
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Thu 11 Aug 2016
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Between the Stars
Breathing a hugely deep sigh as the escape, she settles to being patched up by Dienton (who may realise that she isn't quiet human... An Arkanian offshoot may be a distant leap of logic to him!)    That done she focuses on congratulating and thanking her team mates on a job well done (and, of course, for the rescue!)

No (immediate) rest for the wicked, she then turns to those they rescued. Would they join the alliance?

She'd also take time daily to scan reports. Had the seeds she'd planted grown? Was there any conflict between the Huts and the Empire?

Then, speaking to Dienton... he'd gain a deeper understanding of her skill with words. A diplomat, negotiator (and while she won't admit it a charmer and deceiver should the need arise.) He'd also gain an appreciation of her leadership skills, education and... age. Despite her confidence and skill, he can tell she is young and lacks worldly experience... maybe the source of the mistake she made. He'll also fi d her reluctant to talk about her home and will skillfully steer conversation away from the topic. "I'll make sure that we are properly stocked for our next mission."  Again, assuming some level of command.
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Thu 11 Aug 2016
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Between the Stars
Forim smiles at Dienton and says "Thanks on the compliment, you are pretty good behind a stick as well.  I can always show you a few pointers" he says with humour in his voice.  "I joined the rebellion right from flight school.  The fact that the Empire holds non-humans as sub standard citizens just irked me.  Most of my hatch  mates did not care overmuch, they just went to the outer rim, or took hauler jobs a step above slave labour." he shrugs "Guess I have just enough of a spark in me to want to do something about it.  Though I will admit, this was my first land mission and I could do better there."

"What about you?  Not very often that two cells meet up and depart together from a mission."

Forim spends most of his downtime around the ship fiddling with this or that.  He is happy to talk to any who wants to chat some, but tends not to impose himself on others in such cramped space.  He knows many beings not used to space flight can find it hard when crew mates are constantly yammering at them.
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Thu 11 Aug 2016
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Between the Stars
Speaking back to Dienton

Ikki grins as he listens to the little guy talk to him as he cleans up the haul of weapons they had liberated from the Stormtroopers "I'm from Naboo, but I left home a long time ago. It was a group of Wookies who taught me some moves." He answers sa he cleans out the barrel of his rifle "You're pretty handy with that pistol, Doc. Definitely saved my ass when I was pinned. Thanks for that." He turns his head to smile at Dienton. "If you want something with a little punch, we got lots of these Carbines from those Imps. Maybe grab a blade as well, you know....for a sword." He returns the joke before groaning in pain "Hey, Doc. Can you patch up my back? That sargent had it out for me...." Sorlock requests as he turns and shows where the blades had sliced his back and shoulder open.


Placing the weapons he took from the troopers on the table in the main living area "Right, we got six blaster carbines, a blaster pistol, and a pair of vibroblades from those Imps and I got a Slug pistol from the compound that we raided with Caddy. Take your pick, guys. Anyone against me taking a Carbine? and I'm keeping this Axe..." He gestures to each of the weapons, but defensely touches his axe as he says the last part. With this they were that little bit better armed.