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Sat 1 Oct 2016
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Ember Base
Now that you have touched down and begun reinforcing your training, there is some business that the Rebellion needs to catch up on with you.

Three days later, shortly after local dawn, you are assembled at the canteen. The tables have been folded and put aside to make place for rows of chairs. Assembled in the chairs are all the Rebels of Ember Base who are not on duty.

You stand at the front of the room. General Rieekan stands as well, with an aide nearby. The aide holds a plasteel box.

"The Rebel Alliance salutes your bravery, your dedication, and your ability. In recognition of your heroic efforts, and to better facilitate further accomplishments, you are to be promoted."

The general goes down the line, one after another, and pins your new rank insignia on you. The Rebels applaud.

Military Ranks:
If you have at least 2 points in any skill, you have been promoted to Specialist.
If you have at least 1 rank in Discipline and 1 in Resilience, you are promoted to Seargent.
If you have at least 2 ranks in Leadership, you are promoted to Lieutenant.
If you have at least 2 ranks in Space Piloting, you are instead promoted to Flight Officer.

Once you have been given your new rank, the General is handed another box. He opens this, and goes down the line again. On each of your chests, he pins the Field Achievement Award.