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Sat 18 Mar 2017
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EB: Briefing
Alpha team waited around a table in the briefing room.  Each was seated in a chair, and had been offered a hot beverage.  Some thoughtful soul in the rebellion had been baking Dantooinian bread and had slathered some toast with local berry jam.  A holoscreen on the wall was currently blank.

Each of you had been carefully searched for weapons, which had been left at the armory.  It was only after you had surrendered every blade and bullet that you were allowed into the briefing room.  There was only one door, and a pair of Rebel guards waited outside.

The door opened and a Rebel soldier came inside.  This one was even more heavily armed than the others, as well as wearing more armor.  After her followed a mousy young woman wearing the uniform of an Intelligence agent.  After her, without ceremony, came Princess Leia. She said something to someone out in the hallway and closed the door after her.

Her bodyguard was carefully watching the entire Alpha team. The Intelligence officer handed the princess a datapad.

Princess Leia looked you all over and began to speak.  "Alpha team: you had notable victory against the underworld enemies of the rebellion.  You've also been very successful at gathering up intelligence that the Rebellion desperately needs.  Now it's time for you to strike a blow against the Empire."

As you hear her speak, you begin to sense what it is that makes her so inspirational to the Rebels.  It is not an idealistic fanaticism, nor is it a innocent, starry-eyed hope.  Instead, it is a rock solid confidence that there is no other path to take than the one she is on.  Facing her, and hear her speak, it is very easy to believe that the Rebellion is right and will ultimately find victory.

"After the Emperor rose to power, the very first thing he ordered was the destruction of the Jedi order.  Even after the Clone Wars, the Empire expended enormous resources hunting down and destroying all the Jedi across the galaxy.  What you may not know is that this was not successful."

"At least one Jedi survived the purge.  General Obi-Wan Kenobi went into hiding.  During this time, he mentored our very own Commander Luke Skywalker.  Luke believes that he can become what the Emperor most fears."

"Lore of the Jedi has been hunted down with as much determination as the Jedi themselves.  We are seeking alternate solutions that will help us recover the knowledge we have lost."

Princess Leia pressed a few buttons and a star map came up on the holoscreen. It displays a planet you haven't seen before. The displayed name is 'Karhexadine 1.'

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Forim Luk
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Sat 18 Mar 2017
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EB: Briefing
Forim heads to the briefing with Roger.  He has begun to like the relic of a droid.  When they ask everyone to remove their weapons, Forim cannot help but laugh as he stands next to a B1 Battle Droid.  But Forim removes his weapons without complaint.

Forim is a stereotypical Duros.  Slightly taller then the average human.  He has no body hair to speak of, and his fingers are quite long.  His voice is not as deep as the normal Duros, and most humans find it more familiar then that of his other species.

True to form, Forim wears his flightsuit.  The flightsuit however is most assuredly not standard issue.  The color shimmers slightly, almost making it blend in with the environment.  However with a closer look it is easy to see that it is light blue in nature.  Thick and Durable it also looks quite natural on the Duros' frame.

Forim stands next to the holo-projecter ready for their next mission.

As the Princess of Alderaan enters, Forim cannot help but bow out of respect for the leader of the Rebellion.  That he actually gets to be in the same room as her is an honor beyond measure for him.

Prior to this meeting, Forim attributed the tales of Jedi and the Force to people of great skill.  As stories get passed around from mouth to mouth they grow in size.  It is easy to see how such stories could grow.  There is at least one such story about Forim circulating the taverns back home from an adventure of his youth.

However when the princess speaks of the Jedi as a fact, and they exist.  Well, Forim's viewpoint shifts quickly and without resistance.  So, the Jedi are real.  Cool.  It is not that Forim has no opinion to himself, it is just that he believes in the leader so much, that he believes the conviction of her words.  She would know more then he would, and he trusts her completely.

To think that an order of beings of such power existed and the Empire not only wiped them out of existence, but put their existence into rumor.  No one believes the Jedi existed.  Well, fools.  But perhaps that is what the Empire wanted.  Yet another atrocity the Empire has to answer for.

As the system comes into view, Forim racks his brain about the sector of space it is in...

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Jurell Delgar
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Sat 18 Mar 2017
at 02:59
EB: Briefing
Jedi.  It had to be Jedi.

This has to be the Universe playing some kind of game with me, the young man thought, the edge of a hunk of jam-slathered toast hanging out of the corner of his mouth as his emerald green eyes kept their gaze on Princess Leia.  Even though he had been working as a fighter-for-hire for quite a few years, he had originally been trained as a Teras Kasi.  And their specialty had always been understanding how the Force and the Jedi themselves had worked.  Unfortunately, their knowledge had more to do with how to counteract a Jedi rather than how to train them more effectively.  It was knowledge that Jurell had long since thought was unnecessary with them having long since thought to have been extinct.  But, as soon as he had decided to join this rebellion, serendipitously his mission had to have something to do with them.

Reaching up to his mouth with a hand partially covered by a cut-off synth-leather glove, the dark-skinned human gripped the crust of bread and tore off the piece in his mouth with his teeth.  Chewing thoughtfully, he leaned back in his chair, placing a boot against the edge of the table.  As he did so, he swept back the side of his dark synth-leather coat to reveal a belt with some utility pockets and a comfortable-looking shirt.  While functional, the synth-leather of his outfit was reinforced with internal plates that had kept him alive through more scrapes than he could count.

While his actions were probably atrocious manners, Jurell had not particularly grown up among people who would likely have cared about that.  They had taken away the vambraces he usually had hidden underneath the sleeves of his coat, so he was determined to enjoy whatever hospitality they had--namely the Dantooinian bread with that lovely berry jam.  It was not that the young man felt ill at ease without his weapons.  In fact, he felt perfectly comfortable as he knew that his fighting arts did not require weaponry at all in order to be effective.  It was simply a matter of principle.  He could probably dent or completely mangle plasteel armor with his fist if the need called for it.

"So, what's the mission then?" he asked gruffly after swallowing the piece of bread.  Jurell's lack of love of the Empire was no secret considering that according to his reputation he had a personal brush up against Moff Nyall.  So, his eagerness from the fact that this mission would be them directly up against the Empire combined with the fact that he didn't care much for long-winded conversations led to his current abrupt demeanor.  Taking another bite from the hunk of bread he held between his thumb and forefinger, he ran a hand through his locks of dark hair to sweep some stray locks from before his eyes.
Forim Luk
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Sat 18 Mar 2017
at 03:09
EB: Briefing
Looking at the newcomer in disbelief he says "Show some respect to the princess!"

He is now wondering who this person is and why they are in an alpha team meeting.  He hopes the man is just lost...  Maybe off his meds too...
Jurell Delgar
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Sat 18 Mar 2017
at 03:28
EB: Briefing
Wolfing down the last of the bread in his hand, Jurell kicked back, adding his other foot to the table and folding his hands behind his head.  He glanced sidelong at the rest of the Dantooinian bread considering taking some more when he heard the Duros speaking to him.  Rolling his eyes at the flight officer, he sighed.

"I joined up to take the fight to the Empire, not kowtow to royalty," he replied nonchalantly.  "If doing that would put some Empire officers in a cell, I wouldn't mind.  But, I don't see it having that desired effect right now."
Xyklo Voozul
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Sat 18 Mar 2017
at 10:49
EB: Briefing
Xyklo was dressed in his customary large grey coat. Riddled with scuffs and patches, it looked as though it had been dragged through a hedge backwards, then shot. Although this wasn't armour in the military sense, and would not stand up to trooper blaster fire, such a material was not tough enough for such punishment.
But here it was, mostly in one piece.

The verpine inside was crouched over the Dantooine toast and berry jam, he had been silent since it arrived, his snout nibbling at the rich and floral sugars. His dark green carahide skin lent even more emphasis to his stillness. Indeed he seemed in some form of trance, even as the Princess began their brief, his head moved only enough to track the displays, both hands keeping the treasured berry jam scant centimetres from his mouth.

He had at least taken his hat off. The battered thing sat on the table like a giant green toadstool. It had at some point had a strap or buckle circling it. All that remained were the scars of torn stitching.

At the exchange between Forim and Jurell his snout twitched. He knew neither of these two well, though he'd completed the basic training with the surly human.

Xyklo felt a tentative need to say something to bring the assembled men and women back to harmony, though he knew it wasn't his responsibility. In the end the berry jam won very easily and he immersed himself in the euphoria of rich sweetness.
Jospi Renning
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Sat 18 Mar 2017
at 12:28
EB: Briefing
Jospi had elected to take a seat next to the verpine he had shared a hard vacuum training exercise with a couple of days ago.  Nodding to his former teammate, he glanced around the room taking in the others gathered with them.  His familiar brown eyes took in the assembled cast of characters with the practiced nonchalance of a security officer.  At the entrance of the Alderaanian princess and her entourage, he remained nonplussed.  She certainly wasn't the first noble he'd ever laid eyes on and she was by no means a Corellian noblewoman.

Once the duros and dark skinned human got into it, he just rolled his eyes at their antics; there always had to be somebody, if not two of them, who felt an overriding urge to make sure everyone knew his opinion and how much more important it was than anyone else feelings or thoughts.  He just folded his green sleeved arms over his chest and left them to it.  Sooner or later they would be made aware how childish was their behaviour or it would come to blows.  That would be entertaining, especially for the princess as she likely had never seen a real fist fight before.