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Thu 22 Oct 2015
at 07:01
It's been a long space flight. There aren't a lot of direct routes to the system in the first place, and you weren't brought by direct travel. The transport took a winding path, intended to avoid attention. It's been nearly a month of tight quarters, recycled air, low light, and MREs.

You were kept apart from the other passengers aboard the mass transit freighter. Each of you was provided with your own living space, and allowed to exit it on a rotating schedule. Inside the shuttle on the way down was the first time you were allowed to meet.

Now you step out onto the soft earth of a new planet and look up at the unfamiliar constellations. Before you, the ground drops away into a smooth, rolling valley filled with a dense forest. The trees are a beautiful mix of purple, red, and green.

To the east is a log cabin, rustic but large. It is roofed with corrugated metal, and the walls seem to be constructed of the same beige wood that fills the valley. In the soft dusk light, the small windows glow with candles. A man approaches you.

He is a human male, wearing some military surplus green fatigues. The left arm is buttoned up, indicating an arm missing at the elbow. He is bald. The right side of his face is covered with burns. The left is covered with a thick white plastic dermal replacement.

Without ceremony he approaches you. "Welcome to Dawn Base. Doesn't really meet its name right now, what with the sun setting. And it's not really a 'base' so much as a 'camp.' We appropriated it after some sympathizers got themselves apprehended by the Imps. That's Empire sympathizers; once we found out about their donations we planted a little false evidence and leaked it. If they want Imperial Justice so bad, they can have it."

The man takes out a deathstick, pops it open, and inhales a drag. "Don't ever take these up, they're garbage. I'm Colonel Huxer. Call me Colonel and I'll shoot you. Just 'Boss' will do for now."

Huxer, 'Boss,' gestures with his one arm towards the cabin. "Stow your stuff inside and be back in ten minutes. Wait. Fifteen minutes, I got to drain the lizard."

You hustle inside. The building is a country lodge, with shining varnished wood and spacious rooms. Very little furniture though; mostly metal desks and chairs, with a gun locker and filing cabinet in the foyer. Plenty of rooms though, with simple army cots & blankets aplenty.

You look over your new colleagues for the first time. Now as you choose your bunks, you have the chance to say 'hello.'
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Mon 26 Oct 2015
at 16:55
The accomodations of the trip weren't too bad.  Scrounge didn't have any clausterphobia as he didn't require much space to be happy.  Unfortunately he had been utterly bored.  He had attempted to disassemble anything with mechanical or electronical components and get his hands on anything that looked like it had been discarded.  A stern correction by the crew and he was left with idle hands and his own gear to reassemble multiple times each day.

Given his new surroundings when they landed, Scrounge had paced around during the Bosses announcement checking every direction he could for something interesting.  The Jawa immediately bee-lines for the bunk in the darkest corner or furthest one from the door once in the barracks.  He crawls up on it and jumps once, then twice and chitters something in jawaese while shaking his head.  He crawls under the bunk and sniffs around, checking clearance and tapping on the floor.  Finally he starts to examine the frame of the bed itself in an attempt to disassemble it.

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Mon 26 Oct 2015
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Tuhr, with his heavy blaster rifle slung across his back, saunters into the lodge and drops the rifle in the locker. He carries his bag into the bunk room, and snags the bunk under the window. He took off his environmental protective gear and sits on the bunk.