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Wed 17 Jun 2015
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House Rules
We will be using one of the more obvious changes that began with V20, Dodge is no longer an ability.

Instead, Athletics will be used for the purposes of dodging.

Initiative will be rolled once at the beginning of combat rather than the beginning of each round, just to simplify things.

Starting willpower will be limited to 6. Most Mortals have a willpower of 3-4

XP will be handed out at various points throughout the chronicle at ST discretion but a least once a month. This game has the potential to be a pretty XP heavy game so I have implemented training times so that character will not go from have 1 in an Art to 4 in the span of one month.

The XP Log thread will also keep track of how much XP the individual characters have gained throughout the chronicle. Should a character die, the player can make a new character with half of the XP from their previous character being considered "rolled-over" to the new one.