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Rules of the Game
1. Please do not try to control someone else's character. If you plan to kill a character, you must have the player's consent from discussing it in private messages.
2. No dirty or vulgar language or action. Minor swearing is okay if it fits the situation in game, not OOC. Please avoid major swear words especially in game and in OOC (especially not censored)  and no intimate action past a kiss (meaning no sex, including fading to black). Violation of this rule will result in banishment from the game.
3. No "Perfect" characters. They must have flaws like any normal person. You can't start off with too strong a power, it's more a suggestion of ability then a total ability at the start.
4. Please write out a character description, we all know how hard it can be to have the right profile pic and besides, info is good!
5. No social cruelty/personal attacks. Slight debates can be held in the OOC, slight arguments to the private messages, but full out fights that I need to help with result in one of three warnings before banishment. Remember that I can read all private messages and even post there too.
6. Post in the OOC and PM me if you will be gone for long periods of time.
7. Please read all the NPC (staff) and  student characters' character descriptions.
8. Please don't double-post (post and post another message right after). If you must add to a message, just edit it. No triple-posting OOC, the occasional double-post is okay OOC.
9. If you make a post that needs a response, do not post until the person(s) that need to respond respond.
10. If the character you want to post to is waiting for a response, wait to post to them until the situation can take another character being involved.

You have three warnings before banishment. Each time you violate a rule, you get a warning. You may be banished without warning if you use up all your warnings.

If any of my notice posts seem confusing, go ahead and post your question to the Questions and Answers thread.

Also, please put thoughts of your character in colored italics and dialogue in color with quotation marks. The thoughts and dialogue may be two different shades of the same color, as long as you keep the shades consistent.

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