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Names in Phoenix
The following is a list of individuals in Phoenix that are good to know, good to be aware of, or just plain good at what they do. This list may be added to in game as the characters meet more and more people. The individual's connection rating is for purposes of taking him as a Contact.

Corporate Honchos
Felix Jean-Paul, Ares Macrotechnology (Connection 11)
The head of the Ares Arcology in downtown Phoenix is a hard working, down to earth type...for a junior executive in a AAA rated megacorp. Sure, he thinks "slumming it" means eating with silver plated spoons, but he has a reputation for being a decent boss to work for.

Darien Bluesky, Horizon Group (Connection 11)
Bluesky's native heritage is visible three floors below his penthouse office, where the decor switches instantly from stark and functional to tribal and ornate. Bluesky started his career as a news editor -- he knows how to spin facts into any shape he wants. Kinda explains the cushy job.

Green Flowing River, NeoNET (Connection 8)
Even before their recent troubles, NeoNET didn't really care about Phoenix. River is called an executive, but he's little more than chief babysitter for the biggest server farm in the city.

Sumi Kayabana, Shiawase (Connection 10)
How does a giant solar plant make sense for corporate expenditures when there are so many cheaper power sources? Kayabana is the woman that makes sure the shadows never get the answer to that. Ruthless and efficient, she's more concerned with keeping secrets than providing electricity.

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City Officials
Bear Running Tree, Mayor (Connection 6)
The Mayor of Phoenix (elected by majority vote of all residential shares and proxies in Phoenix) is a corporate shill. He's in Ares's pocket and is looking for an excuse to cancel Lone Star's contract and sell it to Knight Errant.

Davy Tucker, Sheriff (Connection 6)
Sheriff Tucker is a dwarf who tends to forget he doesn't tower over everyone around him. To be fair, most people forget that, too. Lone Star to the core, Tucker runs Phoenix's police like they have a license to shoot anyone that can't give him a reason not to. He's not big on detective work, either. On the positive side, he's not particularly corruptible. Taking bribes from Yakuza means fewer people he's allowed to shoot.

Carl, Deputy (Connection 5)
If Tucker is a dwarf that thinks he's a troll, he couldn't possibly have chosen a better second in command. Carl is a troll that thinks he's an elf. The gentle giant is known throughout the city as a Good Cop, which endears him to some but isn't good news for those of us in the shadows. It's not good for Mr. Johnson either.
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Wed 22 Jul 2015
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Standing in the Light
Vizini Kaloshki, TruLife CEO (Connection 8)
The current head of TLM is a pretty elfboy from the Fatherland. He left Asia to get away from Evo and bribed, blackmailed, and bargained his way to the top of one of the most unique drone designing corporations in the world. His corporate vision can be summed up as "mock Evo by making drones that look realer than anything they can do to a freak's body." He hates the climate and is known to throw poolside parties with lots of ice sculptures.

Doctor Cardona Fernardo, DocWagon Regional Head (Connection 5)
Dr. Fernardo technically is just the administrative head of the local hospital, but she coordinates all DocWagon activity throughout the city. She's no fan of "gutter trash" or anyone that lives outside of her nice, sterile social boxes. Having a DocWagon contract is about the only way for the SINless to get past the hospital doors, and they'd better be bleeding when they do.

Professor Billy Bob Washington, UOPX (Connection 1)
Every campus has at least one of these guys. Is he eccentric or just plain crazy? Does he not own a decent shirt or does he think he's making a fashion statement? Professor Washington has a thick drawl that makes most anyone subtract about seventy IQ points, he wears a bucket hat, and instead of a briefcase he carries around his work in a large metal bucket. Regardless, he teaches classes in general electronics and programming all the way through advanced circuit design and cryptographic theory.
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Wed 22 Jul 2015
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Skulking in the Dark
Black Waters, Koshari shaman (Connection 7)
There are four men that like to think they rule the underworld throughout the NAN. Black Waters is one of them. He lives the high life in a secure compound with lots of unpleasant spirits making sure the only people that bother him are the ones allowed to bother him. Black Waters always works through Mr. Johnson, unless you're Koshari yourself.

Nura Rikou, Yakuza oyabun (Connection 5)
The Yakuza are the second criminal organization in Phoenix, and Nura is not happy being second best. He can be found in a hibachi restaurant just off the Sky Harbor Airport, holding court as a completely legitimate businessman. Nura holds his men to exacting standards of civility and refinement, thinking himself an asset to the community. However, beneath the romantic criminal with a heart of gold is the ruthless businessman who clawed a chunk of Phoenix away from Black Waters. He doesn't know what a "second chance" is.

Plank, Sun City Arch Padre (Connection 3)
The "Arch Padre" of the SCSes is about as close to a cyberzombie as you can get without being an undead crime against nature. Plank likes hitting things. He's good at hitting things. Everyone that's tried to take the SCSes from him has been hit. Once. The gang isn't terribly subtle, and Plank is the least subtle of them all.

Johnny Eagle, Firebird boss (Connection 3)
Johnny is an alchemist on a power trip. He doesn't get his hands dirty, he just puts toys in the hands of thugs who then make him money. He rose to lead the Firebirds by getting them all but addicted to his alchemical weapons. He has some Koshari friends, but he knows they see him as expendable grunt labor. Whatever, he's getting his kicks living vicariously through his gang.

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Walking in the Shadows
Lance, Petty Fence (Connection 1)
Lance holds court in a corner booth of a mom and pops diner at the edge of the slums, which pretty much sums up his business. The ork's best business is in buying gear; he supplies the gangs with plenty of stuff that someone needed to unload. He knows enough people to refer you along to a gang's point man, but his business requires him to stand neutral too much for him to be buddies with any of them.

Robin, Street Fixer (Connection 2)
Robin supplies most of the 'hooding jobs in Phoenix. She hangs out in Penumbra Alley, a night club known for serving shadowrunners. Really, almost everyone in there is a poseur in a trenchcoat and a mohawk with wash-out dyes that decided to go slumming. Everyone else is someone that needs to hire a shadowrunner and doesn't have the first clue how to do it. The elf girl picks out Johnsons that are legit and pulls in runners that can help, arranging meets in Penumbra over drinks and maybe a meal. Then she gets a kickback from the owner. Most runners only take her calls until they shake off that pesky conscience.

Kevin, Street Pharmacist (Connection 1)
...yeah, well that's what he calls himself. Kevin's special. We think he got into the business just so he could mix his own drek. The boy can hook you UP though, no doubt. Just don't try the Kevin Special. We think that's what made Kevin special. He has a lab in the sewers somewhere, but he stays at a coffin hotel in the slums, which he pays for in trade.

Trafalger the Pink, Talismonger (Connection 2)
Traf's a troll, an alchemist, and one of the best purveyors in unregistered foci that you'll hear about on the streets of Phoenix. The only reason she doesn't get arrested every other day is because she has a few friends in the Koshari. They use fake names when they deal with her. Probably smart.

Professor Smith, Deckmeister (Connection 2)
We know Professor Smith is an actual professor at the University. We also know he only does business on the Matrix. He hangs out in a Matrix club that does poetry readings and can get his hands on just about anything a young decker could want, or push any paydata you happen to find. Just be prepared to debate the merits of whatever the goth on stage is reading.

Rusty, Gunrunner (Connection 3)
Anything smaller than an LMG. Don't ask questions. Don't offer answers. Rusty is a line cook at the Goatburger, home of the Goatburger. Do you want bullets with that?

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