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Player's Notes
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Player's Notes

First Found: Orphir's Island

Dorian's Notes: <i></i>

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Player's Notes
Drift Spider **Danger**

Appearance: Almost white, with a pale green tinge, and about three feet across, leg tip to leg tip.. but of course it is mostly leg, and the body in the middle is about the size of a cantaloupe.
First Found: Orphir's Island
Diet: Birds

Produces fine thread/silk. The thread appears to react to the "breeze of the Gyre". Sometimes many threads are made and will the spider along, hence the name, Drift Spider. When captured, the silk it produced was red and vibrant.

**Danger**: According to Shwiggy or Orphir's people, the spider's bite let's it feed off the emotions and motivations. Each bite will remove something, joy, fear, etc. There is no evidence of a remedy.

Dorian's Notes: I was able to pull a fine mist from water poured over the hot brazier. As I was short on time, I used the power of fire to heat the metal, making it an appropriate source of heat to pour water over. Steam and mist are closely related, as I coaxed the mist to coalesce in the spider's brain and cause it to dream.

When winding the thread produced by the spider I felt...angry, as if I was absorbing the frustration of the spider itself.

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