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About the Game
This game is not rated for adult or mature content.  Posts should kept to reflect a PG rating.  Excessive violence or any depiction of a sexual nature WILL NOT be tolerated.  Slight innuendo or even a little wordplay is acceptable, but let's keep it at that level.  Fade to black (or just don't post it) when in doubt.  While it is not an adult- or mature-rated, my preference is to approach the game with maturity.  Joking and humor is acceptable to an extent, but this is not intended to be a comedic game.  To fit within this range, I will rectify violations by whatever means necessary.

This is a roleplaying game within a fantasy world, and players will likely have different and possibly, slight strange, outlooks and goals.  Despite their differences, players will be part of a team that works together to achieve both group and personal goals.  Friction is expected in any group, but as players I expect each of you to work so that everyone enjoys the game.  Player versus player conflict that goes beyond simple disagreement will not be allowed.  If any player attempts to betray or kill other players without my foreknowledge and permission, they will quickly find that themselves ejected after one or more warnings.  The point of the game is cooperation and survival, not attempting to eliminate your fellow players.  Save that for the NPCs.

This is a game meant for fun.  Players should treat each other with respect and courtesy.  Any arguments, attacks, or rude behavior OOC will not be tolerated.  Every player has a different style and different goals, and hopefully each player can enjoy those things in the game without conflicting with others.

This game will attempt to stick to the rules of 3.5, but I am neither a total expert nor an autocrat.  I will attempt to keep to the letter of the D&D books, except as clearly house-ruled, but you will have to grant leeway for occasional mistakes in that area too.  I will do likewise, I don't expect any of you to be experts on what your player would know about the setting.  If there is a conflict, enjoyment of the game will always trump rules.  If you have questions, send me a message or ask in OOC.

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Sun 9 Aug 2015
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Gaming Style
RPOL games sometimes die quickly because of a difference in expectations between players and the GM and among the players themselves.  When certain expectations are not met, players frequently quit, stop posting without warning, or worse yet, post in a destructive manner, disrupting the game beyond repair.  To help avoid this fate, I will try to describe my basic gaming style and the type of play that will be encouraged here.

The basic game is set generally in a "dungeon"-style format with limited roleplaying opportunities outside this environment.  Roleplaying within the environment is strongly encouraged, and in fact, mandatory.  There's no particular rationale as to why the game is being run this way, but it is the style choice for this game.  That doesn't mean it can't change from this, but it is how the game is starting and it will take quite a well for a shift away from this format to take place.

That said, the game will still be logical and serious.  In other words, there won't be tarrasques held behind closed wooden doors for no reason, but deathtraps can be plentiful and designed to thwart invaders.  The "dungeons" are not going to be static, but they will be populated with living, breathing villains and ecosystems that make sense within the context of the game, and groups of heroes will behave with wits and tenacity.  Puzzles and mysteries will exist as well to enhance the game experience, and diplomacy can be expected to play a role in appropriate situations.

Also, as a DM, I am not the type that will set a trap to kill a player because of one missed dice roll or decision.  I prefer long games that are full of character development and story, not hacks with players creating new characters every few days.  So it will not be my intention to kill players off unnecessarily.  But I will also allow players to die if they heedlessly walk into danger expecting to survive.  For instance, I will not allow players to accidentally stumble into certain death because the players missed the one spot roll that would have notified them of the danger.  However, if they are warned and told it is a dangerous and likely lethal situation multiple times, and still walk in, well, then the very nasty situation is going to be waiting for them.

Finally, this game includes numerous house rules.  (See House Rules in the Game Mechanics thread.)  Players may or may not like these variations, but they are here to stay.

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Sat 15 Aug 2015
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Posting Rate
All games on RPOL require players to post to continue and for the story to progress.  To try to keep the game moving smoothly, a posting rate of roughly once every 48 hours is required.  More posting can be good, as long as everyone is keeping pace.  It is acceptable for players to miss three or four days every once in a while, but if a player knows that he/she will not be able to post for more than two days, please notify me.  If any player do not post for a week without warning, he/she will likely be suspended from the game and moved to being an NPC, and the player will lose any and all rights to his/her character.  Reinstatement will be conditional on a satisfactory explanation.

No matter what happens, try to keep posting at a regular rate.  This is the most important part to keep an RPOL game going.  Problems can be fixed over time, but a game without posts can simply expire.  Even if the situation is not enjoyable, or there is a complaint, keep posting so that the game moves forward.  Not only does this not ruin the game for the other players, it also allows the DM to try to change the situation into something that is more favorable.  So if this situation occurs, please notify the DM of the issue (in private OOC thread), and keep moving on so that the game can get better, instead of freezing in place and dying.

In encounter/combat situations, players post on a first come, first serve basis.  All opponents will share one initiative (see Game Mechanics), and player actions are resolved in the order they are posted.  Players are allowed either 48 hours after the DM's post, or until all players have posted, to make and possibly edit their posts.  After that, the DM is free to move forward with the game, resolving actions and reacting accordingly.  Any player who misses this deadline will have their characters revert to their default action (see Game Mechanics also).

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Sun 16 Aug 2015
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Constructive Feedback
As a game master on RPOL, I am open to advice, helpful critiques, or requests from players.  Constructive feedback is appreciated by me to help create a game that is enjoyable for everyone.  So please don't keep any problems to yourself.  Tell me, and I can try to work with you and work to make it better.

That said, the cardinal rule of DM prerogative still applies.  Whatever the DM says goes in this game.  If the DM departs from what Core Book rule or Supplemental Book rule says, a PM reminder could be provided.  But, the DM has the final say EVERY TIME.

Also, please do not argue with the DM, or with other players.  Handle all disagreements or differences on PM's or rMail.  Never in the OOC or IC at all, ever.  Violators of this rule will be considered detractors of the game, and offending parties will be removed from the game.

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