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House Rules
This thread is intended to cover house rules that alter 3.5e D&D rules, rather than merely adapt them to the RPOL format.
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Allowed Books
Player's Handbook I
Player's Handbook II
Dungeon Master's Guide
Dungeon Master's Guide II
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Divine
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Warrior
Races of Destiny
Races of Stone
Races of the Wild
Unearthed Arcana (for alternate class features and prestige classes only)

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Banned and Restricted List
Banned List:

Banned items are disallowed in the game.  No exceptions!
  • ALL reserve feats.
  • ALL psionics.

Restricted List:

Restricted items require special DM approval to be used or incorporated.  Players are extremely unlikely to approved for more than one restricted request.
  • Heritage feats which grant spell-like abilities.
  • Beguiler, hexblade, knight, marshall, shaman, shugenja and spellthief classes

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Hit Points
Hit Points at Full Health:
For level 1, each PC receives max hit points.  For each level thereafter, each PC receives an amount equal to the max die roll less 3.  In other words, 9 for d12, 7 for d10, 5 for d8, 3 for d6 and 1 for d4.  Bonuses and penalties for high and low constitution scores apply normally.

Hit Point Recovery:
To help speed up the game, each PC recovers an additional die roll of hit points after 8 hours of standard rest.  The die roll is based on the largest hit die of the character.  For example, a barbarian 1/druid 3 would heal an additional d12 hit points after 8 hours of rest.  The additional amount scales accordingly for other healing bonuses.

Toughness Feat:
The toughness feat has traditionally been under powered.  Instead of a fixed 3-hit point bonus, PCs now receive 3 hit points plus 1 hit point per two levels, rounded down.

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Thu 18 Feb 2016
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Only the following races are permitted.  Each one, except for humans, are heavily modified.  The changes below apply in addition (or in lieu) of the adjustments found in the Player's Handbook.

  • XP requirement adjustment: x1.5

  • XP requirement adjustment: x2

  • XP requirement adjustment: x1.

Half Orcs:
  • Prone to anger: Whenever a half orc is injured, roll a will save versus DC 5 + damage received.  If the half orc fails, he/she must attack the source of its anger if he/she can identify the source as a creature or any nearest creature (including an ally) immediately for one round.  At the end of each round, he/she is entitled to try to make another will save with a +5 bonus each round.
  • XP requirement adjustment: x0.9


  • No changes.

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Thu 18 Feb 2016
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These changes are intended to improve the classes below, which are generally viewed as being substantially weaker than other classes, or to make certain core abilities more useable.

  • Rage/Greater/Mighty Rage - Strength and Constitution bonuses are equal to class level +3, will save bonus is equal to class level + 1, but AC penalty remains at -2
  • Intuitive skills - use either intelligence or wisdom ability score to determine number of skill points received
  • Natural athleticism - Every even level, either receive (1) a free skill trick using balance, climb, jump or swim skills or (2) skill focus for balance, climb, jump or swim skills

  • No changes!

  • Restricted!

  • A cleric's hit die is a d6.  Any variant cleric uses one lower hit die as well.
  • A cleric is no longer proficiency in medium or heavy armor or shields.
  • A cleric does not select two domains and does not get a bonus domain spell each level.
  • Instead, a cleric can pray for any spell that is a domain spell from any domain of his/her chosen deity.  If a domain spell is also on the standard cleric spell list, a cleric can cast that spell at a caster level equal to his/her spellcasting level plus two.
  • Also, the cleric may activate any one of the domain powers from any domain of his/her chosen deity by expending a turn/rebuke undead attempt.  Any persistent powers last for 10 minutes.

  • No changes!

Favored Soul:
  • A favored soul uses Charisma to determine how difficult his/her spells are to resist.
  • A favored soul knows one additional spell each spell level.

  • Extraordinaire - at 1st level, choose initiative, a save or 2 skills, and receive an inherent bonus equal to class level; chosen skills also become class skills
  • Master of Armor and Shields - at 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th and 19th level, receive +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5, respectively, inherent bonus to armor and shields used
  • Master of Weapons - at 5th, 9th, 13th, 17th and 20th level, receive +1, +2, +3, +4 and +5, respectively, inherent bonus to hit and to damage for weapons used

  • Restricted!

  • Restricted!

  • Restricted!

  • Use full (i.e., +1 per level) BAB
  • Damage for using monk weapons is equal to greater of normal damage or unarmed damage + 1
  • Increase unarmored speed bonus by 10'

  • Receive sneak attack instead of sudden strike
  • Great leap - in addition to +4 bonus, use ki to increase jump bonus to +20
  • Ki dodge - increase miss chance to 50%, negates ability to avoid/reroll miss chance
  • Ghost strike - in addition to striking, can see invisible and ethereal creatures for 1 round
  • Ghost sight - in addition to seeing invisible and ethereal creatures, can activate true seeing for 1 round by using ki point
  • Greater ki dodge - same as ki dodge, amd if opponent misses, ninja may appear at another unoccupied space within 30'
  • Cover identity - for every 4 levels of ninja class, ninja may receive all abilities of one level for another class

  • Restorative lay on hands - use 5 points of healing to remove 1 point of ability damage, the dazed, fatigued, or sickened condition, can spend extra points for cumulative, and can be combined normal healing
  • Two-handed healing - at 5th level, use lay on hands to affect two creatures at time, but uses only amount of healing equal to the larger amount expended and requires two free hands
  • Paragon of healing - at 11th level, use lay on hands to affect any creature touching the paladin, but uses only amount of healing equal to the largest amount expended

  • Receives same bonus for all favored enemies
  • Animal companion is based on full class level and not half class level

  • Spellcasting dilettante - At 4th level, at the start of each day, choose a 1st level spell from a wizard spellbook or a cleric prayerbook and the rogue can cast the spell once that day as a spell-like ability at a caster level equal to 1/2 class level and DC based on intelligence.  At 8th level, choose a 2nd level spell, at 12th, choose a 3rd level spell, etc.

Samurai: based on Oriental Adventures
  • Replace all abilities with those below.
  • Ancestral daisho - receive masterwork daisho (bastard sword and short sword) at level 1; starting at level 2, ancestral daisho becomes magical +1 weapons; at level 4 and each even level thereafter, magical bonus improves by 1, although the basic bonus is capped at +5; starting each day, samurai may perform a 10-minute ritual to convert, up to all except +1 of the available bonus to special magical ability such as flaming, keen, etc. similar to cost of item creation; bonuses only work in the hands of the samurai
  • All oriental exotic weapons are treated as martial weapons
  • Receive weapon focus at level 1, weapon specialization at level 4, greater weapon focus at level 8 and greater weapon specialization at level 12; must be selected with any one weapon, but daisho is treated as one weapon for this purpose
  • Receive bonus fighter feat at levels 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 20
  • In addition to good progression for fortitude saves, use good progression for will saves.

  • As per errata, disable device is a class skill
  • Burst - at 2nd level, increase speed by 5'/class level as swift action for 1 round, useable class level/2 times per day
  • Burst (leaping) - at 8th level, consume two uses of burst to gain fly speed equal to burst speed for 1 round as swift action
  • Burst (teleporting) - at 14th level, consume three uses of burst to gain teleport a distance equal to burst speed as swift action

  • Restricted!

  • Restricted!

  • Know one additional spell at highest level known.
  • Receive Eschew Material feat for free for sorceror spells only.

  • Restricted!

  • Flurry of blades - while using a light weapon or a weapon eligible for weapon finesse, swashbuckler may attack on additional time at highest BAB with a penalty of -2 to all strikes, the penalty is reduced to -1 at level 5 and +0 at level 9; also gain one additional attack at level 14 and two at level 20
  • Shield of blades - as a move equivalent action, roll an attack roll at highest BAB and this becomes the swashbuckler's AC for one round

  • No specialists!

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