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#3 Combat and Posting Format
#1 Combat Format

Once combat is entered, please post the following round information at the top of any posts you make:


Character Name:
AC: e.g. 19
Current HP: eg. 10/18 (10hp out of 18 remaining)
Initiative: #

Roll to hit: (Your dice roll to hit, including any modifiers)
Damage roll & Type: (Your roll to damage inclusive of any modifiers. If your attack did not hit, I will just disregard this line)

#2 General Posting Format

- Please use past tense and 3rd person for your posts.
- Don't post your characters thoughts or internal monologues.
- Use blue text for your character's speech
- Black text for general description
- Orange text and brackets for OOC (Out of Character)
- Red text for the Combat Header above and any mechanical aspects of your post (such as dice rolls, name a spell or action you're using etc.)