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Thu 13 Aug 2015
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#6 RTJ
Please don't fill in a full character sheet with your RTJ.

The players I do choose can then move onto submitting character sheets.

#1 Statement

Please copy the following text into your RTJ and fill in the respective boxes:

I [USERNAME] confirm that I have read, understood and agree to uphold any requirements of this gaming group. I understand that this game is not marked as having adult content and agree not to introduce such.

#2 Character Concept

A few lines about what character you have in mind. This should include their Name, Race, Class or Classes and Alignment, plus a little bit about what they are - their reason for being.

If you do not want to create a character, there will pregenerated PCs for you to choose from, simply let me know in this section of your RTJ.

#3 Experience

Please tell me a bit about your experience with RPGs and Play by Post games or other formats of play.

How often will you be able to post?

Finally, include a small, two paragraph sample of writing. This can be on any subject such as your character in a sticky situation, a hobby you enjoy, further details of your experience with RPGs. I'd even accept you writing about your real life job! I just want to assess how you'll fit into the adventuring party.