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Horsemen of the Apocalypse 3 - Summary (to date)
In northern Mozambique, they soon encountered a war going on between two African tribes.  They kidnapped a person from each side and learned that the war appears to be caused by bug infestations and a lack of clean food and water.  They also learned that the war may have been falsely started by someone to create strife.  Vrryl impersonated a god and successfully got the groups to stop fighting.  He also convinced the chieftains to welcome their group when it arrives.

The formerly combating groups received the group with much fanfare.  The chiefs offered support, but the groups were dangerously low on food and water.  The group used magic to help purify food and water in the village, as well as heal some of the sick.  As thanks, the chieftains send 20 warriors with them to help in their quest.

Traveling north on the trail of Famine, they encounter another populated area.  The people are starving, thin, and look low on hope.  Various demons (Alu, Tautons, Dybbuk and Hell Hounds are organizing an exodus from the town.  They were led by a charismatic African man, who was convincing the people to give themselves up to the Phoenix Empire for their own good (so that they would not starve).  They brought up the fastest members of the Gathering and ambushed the demonic squad to try and spare the people.  Most of the demons were killed in the battle, though an Alu escaped, as well as one other who pretended to be Erin Tarn in distress and used the deception to stab Mika and teleport away.

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