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Sun 28 Aug 2016
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Kingdom of Britannia
Not sure what forum section to post this is in, So i will post it in a few
Kingdom of Britannia
Real risk vs reward
Were anything is possible. Want to explore a mysterious land, tame wild creatures, and powerful beasts?
Perhaps you would rather pick up a sword and shield, and hunt murderous bandits, or master the dark secretes of necromancy. Maybe you are a  more of a merchant, or craftsman.
Collect a handful of artifacts from decorations, to weapons and armor, from crafting.
Hunting powerful champions can reward you with scrolls of power, letting you become legendary in your profession.
Build a house, decorate stock it up, start a guild, and declare war on other guilds!
The longer you play, the more you are rewarded with our reward system.
Fast paced custom balanced PvP.
Interactive game action.
Thank you for your time!

_________LOOKING FOR IN GAME DEVELOPERS AND STAFF___________________
In game staff
Must be 18+ yrs old.
Must be able to set up simple in game tournaments.( I will teach you it is very simple.)
Must be able to log in at least 5 hours a week.
Must be friendly to players and other staff.
Must help answer questions form players.(must learn the game, I will teach as I can.)

In game Developers(Needed urgently)++
Must be able to create world spawns (will teach)

Staff will be allowed to play as characters, if they so choose. But will not gain any benefits from being staff!
WILL NOT create/give ANY item to ANY player.
WILL NOT alter any characters stats, or skills.
WILL NOT alter any creatures stats or loot.
If you break or attempt to bend the last three rules your account will be terminated permanently.