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Wolf Within - A Teen Wolf AU RP - Premium based - Mature
Wolf Within is a Role Play set in the TV series Teen Wolf Set just prior to Season One ad leading into an AU of the Show. This Site is rated M due to the fact that the Show it self is Dark and Gory and may have mature content. So we are going to try to recreate the dark and grim feel that the show gives. Another note to mention is whilst in general we are rated MA 15+, we won’t be having any content that infringes on JCINK’s TOS. However it is likely we might go premium if we get enough members on site!

We accept both Original and Canon characters. Note that currently the idea for the plot is set prior to Season One of the show but this may change. If you have any questions or problems pm one of the Staff! Also we are open for suggestions from players! So have fun and enjoy the Role Play! Note the Below links will be helpful!

Starters Guide
Canon List
Want Ads

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