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Entheria ~ A Fantasy Experience come to life
Welcome to the Entheria, (Website: an RP experience where you will be able to participate of a living, breathing world through the eyes of a character that you create. Entheria is set in a fantasy “Might and Magic” type of setting, where sword, sorcery and intrigue play equal parts in any roleplay setting you may find your character to be a part of. This is a mature rated game.

Click here for help getting started:

Entheria uses a DnD based D20 system created especially for the purposes of ensuring all combat encounters flow smoothly and as such it rewards players who pay attention to the system, and build their characters accordingly, while punishing those who are fond of trying to win all conflicts by roleplaying a character who is “more powerful” than others.

The roleplay is not forum based, like many others existing in the internet, but instead we use discord chat boxes to keep the RP itself fluid and organic. The locations will each have a detailed description and a chat box to go with it, meaning that any RP happening in the locations is public and organic. You may for example find yourself chatting with your friend over a beer at the local pub, when an aggressive player comes over and starts a conflict.

While this might be a welcome change for a few, the free atmosphere of this setting is more akin to a massively multiplayer online game than anything else, and as such this means that the players can only influence the world around them through their character’s actions. The control of NPCs, world events, weather and other such things will fall under the domain of the GMs, which are the people who will set the scene for special events, quests, or arbiter general combat encounters.

Now to speak of the setting itself, Entheria is the name of the continent where the roleplay will be set on. This continent is inhabited by many fantasy races, each very diverse and unique in their own way.

The Valerians are humans that came from a foreign continent to conquer lands and settle on Entheria after a great disaster took their land from them. Strongly based on the Japanese in regards to their culture and way of life, the Valerians are a people focused on the betterment of themselves in every way possible, especially concerning martial knowledge.

The Estridians are known to many in Entheria as the human barbarians of the south, living in an unforgiving tundra, known to take wealth from other nations in their grand raids. The Estridians are known to be a hearty people, slow to warm up to, but considered allies for life to those they call friend. Famed horse breeders and even more famous mounted archers, the Estridians dominate the fields of their homeland.

The Marayats are masterful lancers of the desert, human horse riders that breed the finest and fastest horses in all of Entheria. The Marayats live a very religious and pious life, living by the teaching of their goddess till the day of their death.

The Silver Elves are a people with an accentuated affinity to magic, easily dominating all of the schools of mana control. They were conquered by the Valerians during their conquest, and spent decades under the rule of the empire. Eventually however, they conquered their position alongside the humans, through shrewd diplomacy and alliances of marriage. Today, the union of these cultures makes up the strongest alliance in all Entheria.

The Obsidian Elves are aliens to our world, a whole people that escaped the tragedy of a cracked planet through the use of their magic to create a massive portal, saving a handful of them from sure annihilation. After hundreds of years the Obsidian Elves have forged strong ties with many of the natives on Entheria, particularly the Valerians and the Silver Elves. Using their alien magic, they revolutionized much of Entheria’s mage schools.

The Half-Titans are a nomadic race of half-breeds that wander Entheria preaching a message of love and peace. Being created from a violent, forced union, the Half-Titans chose to put that past behind them and focus on healing the earth and its people.

The Lashuns are a race of shapeshifters, all from different backgrounds and taking from different animals. Beasts, Avians and Dragons, the Lashuns are separated into kingdoms and tribes following their ethnicities, and poses different cultures and customs because of so.

Other races, such as Orcs, Goblins and Dwarves will be available and will have their own unique lore and spin to them.

If you have any questions please contact the lead developer or rmail me.

Don't be shy, they will answer all your questions and love helping people new and long time RP players! We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will come join us.