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Shinobi Rp Super - A Naruto Ninja Rp
In a world filled with ninja and war many have died, clans slaughtered. Bloodlines erased, but still the ninja continued onwards through time, with each generation there are exceptional ninja. The one's of legends, along with those of not so exceptional ability. However only together can a ninja village live in harmony, time has passed since the times of the great ninja wars. Peace has finally begun to settle in for the newer generations, yet ninja still exist.


The Shinobi rp has been allowing rpers to role play as ninjas for a over a decade, growing and changing alongside the Naruto story line. Allowing for anyone to play as they wish, characters are very customizable. The staff friendly and helpful, over the years the srp has changed it's look and even location. However it has remained on of the most unique Naruto rp sites, allowing any ideas a fair shot at being approved. This separates use from the sites which insist on everything occurring as they want it to happen, allowing deviation even from the main story line.

The Shinobi Rp Super takes place in the Naruto universe, alongside the manga and anime but has progressed over time to the point of Baruto Naruto's son. While Naruto leads Konoha as Hokage, Baruto tries his best while rebelling to earn his fathers approval. Acting out much in the same way his father did before him, but danger still lurks on the horizon. How will you adapt to the world of ninja, will you fight for the just or the wicked?

Choose to play an already preexisting character or create your own, choose your village, create your own unique bloodline, engage in ninja battles, choose and train with ninja weapons, learn and master jutsu! All this and much more in the world of Shinobi Rp Super!

Shinobi Rp Super link

For any questions pm Razi.

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