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Mon 12 Sep 2016
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[Roll20] Looking for GM/Player for D&D 5th ed games
UPDATE: Thank you all for the messages. We are full up on players for the desert game, but are still looking for a DM to run on Roll20. We can now do voice either on Skype or Discord, preferably discord.

Update #2: still looking for a GM. Please feel free to contact me on rpol or via email about  any info you would like. If you are the least bit interested in going contact me.

I have a group that plays 5th ed D&D on roll 20. We are looking for a player in a desert style RP, as well as a GM to run a 5th ed game for us. We game Fridays and Some Sundays from 2pm-5pm central. We prefer one person to both be GM and player.

You must be ok with a bit of descriptive raunchiness. No sex in game, just people being silly nude and whatnot, language, and something I will describe after you reply as it is sensitive info not for public. We try not to be too silly, and our characters are for the most part serious characters, but levity and semi-silly personalities seem to just happen at times.

We came up with new characters the other night that we really want to play, and so we are hoping to find a GM who is willing to try.

We play on Roll 20 but use Skype for calling. Makes things easier most of the time.

I had hoped to start things out via rmail before giving out personal information, but apparently that's against the rules. So if you are interested send a reply to: and we can hash out details and see if things will be a good fit.

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