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1d20 ways to die

Recruiting for a game on RPG Crossing! Full colour version is there ;)

Have you lost someone? Lately.

I'm sorry if you already have the body, but i don't. I have a hill, and it has a history.


Dungeon Crawl Classics is a d20 system starting out with 20 players, in which you will each possess a single level 0 (yes, really) randomly generated character. Should you make it out alive, the real adventure begins! You may be aghast at how quickly comes fin, so take it on the chin :P. You may treasure your allies lives or your own, but only the clever and the better will leave these walls!*

Ah, but you have a little choice. Choose a setting your vulnerable character hails from, and i will generate them for you. Trust me, there's - variety.

Setting list

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Standard fantasy (core rulebook)

A mountain dweller of sour hollow, the shudfolk

A tribesman

A native of the lost world of Drongo; sword and science!

Denizen of the Sunken City

A tourney hopeful


Infamous Punjar, city of a thousand rats

The Weird West

The post-apocalypse

Earth's far and magical future

The Petal Empire

Modern day breadbasket

Freeport, steamcity

A twisted wonderland

The blackwater river

Kraken Island

The barrow lands


College students


This campaign is going to start off as a puzzlebox more then a sandbox, and if you die you're out. Please sign on only if you're willing to commit (and can handle the rolling chaos of 20 players for a while), and let go :P. Posts at least, say, thrice a week.

Gifs and video are strongly encouraged, as is creative use of the very few tools at your disposal. As for your gold, first you gotta live to spend it.

Here's the beta rulebook, and this should give a idea of what your stats actually mean.

Subforum is UP! There's a character thread, and more importantly, a prelude - On the road! Please introduce yourselves in both once you get a sheet. Should tide you over til we get the other 7 players :P

Victorious parties may contain the very very lucky.

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