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Sat 17 Sep 2016
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Recruiting for RPG Crossing! Full colour version is there ;)


Entity! Aloha! Do you know what youíve become?

"Where am i?"
"My clothes are coming back to life and I could swear the rain is eating them! This isn't hell! Guts gallery of the Archdemon Lulu my ass!"

Any idea where your home and hearth is gone?

No sir, Iíve only just begun

Youíre a titan sonny

U trying to be funny

This look like the land of milk and honey?

Hey it's your ritual buddy

<a href=https://youtu.be/SBiwLibZqfw</a>

Your chances if I'm candid are absolutely crummy.

You know why they follow you? Itís the only way back. You might have earned their loyalty, or crushed the resistance out of them, but itís the truth. Things like you prowling aboutÖ you owe us this hand. Itís a pittance for what you took.

The Game
This is a magic the gathering draft roleplay, ala famous 10000+ card game. A normal magic the gathering draft has 8 players pass around 8 packs of cards, taking their favourite each time. You do this 3 times and build a deck from your stash.

Instead, each pack will be a world you must survive, choose your own adventure style. The game will feel a bit like this. If youíre lucky, youíll take a little bit of the plane with you to help with your next multiversal panic attack; this time somewhere freshly traumatised by other players. Yes, you can lay traps.

Pick your favourite colour:

Red is the colour of mountains, fire, blood and independence. Blue is the ocean and the mind. Green is the forest, life and strength. Black is the swamp, death, undeath and ambition. White is plains, community and law. Colourless is used with artifacts and the mana cost (spell fuel) of many cards, as it can be played with any colour. None are good or evil. You can find combinations of any of the above.


Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)

You will be a random creature of that colour. The more you know about MTG the stronger your character is guaranteed to be, which ainít good. Whatever you are, this is your first rodeo.

I would like up to 24 players, bearing in mind there are enough cards for 8 of you. Take from this what you will. Gifs and video are strongly encouraged :D

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