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Sun 18 Sep 2016
at 15:12
That new FTL smell
Recruiting for RPG Crossing!

Musty. Not a lot of cinnamon, but sweet and filling like a scone. I think.

Rogue Trader! Sci-fi. Gothic, in the "you're inheriting this spaceship and good luck with the Franz Ferdinand impression" kind of way. Your time has come, whether you like it or not, and the same goes for the 5 other schlubs helping you. I say schlubs, i mean newly minted aristocracy but same difference. At least from now on, everything is your fault .

Some of you will have recognized 40k by now, right? GET OUT! Newbs, please come back. If you know little to nothing about it, are allergic to lore (or at least the lore section) and want some surprises, we'll get on smashingly.

I recommend using this to make your character. Any party composition is allowed, including multiple rogue traders; you'll each have smaller ships.

Bon voyage!

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