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Sun 2 Oct 2016
at 13:55
2 Newbs wanted for Dark Heresy!
Recruiting for Mythweavers!

The Scrublord Initiative

There was an idea; the Emperor knows this. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people. See if they could become something more. See if they could purge together when we needed them too, to stop the battles that we never could. Malcador died still believing in that idea: in ZEROES LIKE YOU DOING AN OUNCE OF GOOD IN YOUR THRONE-DAMNED LIVES! This may seem strange to some of you. I don't even want to know what your normal is! You've been picked out of the miserable dregs you accept as your existence because you have done exactly 1 useful thing for us. Your sole goal in life is to make that binary! You're in the Inquisition now son, we're the oldest most fashionable notion there is. Now get busy dying."

X-files: ✓
More stars then you know what to do with: ✓
Treachery deceit and investigation galore: You're goddamn right.

It is the 41st millennium, just enough time for the end of the world to clear it's schedule. Standing between dawn and dusk is humanities galactic empire, and you, a newly inducted Acolyte of the Imperial Inquisition. Trillions could count on you one day. At the moment i would count bullets instead.

You've got to ask yourself 2 things; what makes me so special? And what does "early warning system" mean?

Come all ye faithless! This game is open to 40k noobs only. We're using the 1st edition of Dark Heresy. If you die, you're out.