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Fri 4 Nov 2016
at 20:22
Fiasco real-time
I'm looking at doing a game of real-time Fiasco over on https://roleplayinggames.slack.com/

Basically it'd be the same sort of thing as play by post, except that we'd ideally find some availability overlap and get some play going, discussion style.

This is not meant to be a regularly scheduled game in the style of a skype game.  Instead it would run a chat-engine sort of thing.  We could conceivably agree on a time (for example, 11AM EST we'll all be on and chat/play for an hour!), to have overlap and be involved, but also for those of us with time and desk jobs, we can check in on it through the day and post as needed.

Anyway, if interested, hit that link, and go to #fiasco.

You'll have to put in your email address to get the invite, but there's no cost.  (it's run on slack)