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Thu 26 Jan 2017
at 10:56
I have a gaming Discord server now
For a while now I've been of the mind that if I wanted to play a game I liked, I was going to have to make it up myself, or at least heavily houserule an existing system. That worked with what was once my favorite system for a while. But even GURPS put a sour taste in my mouth after a while when I would go on the forums to ask a question, and the answer had changed from "here's how I would do it." to "Buy this supplement." I honestly can't complain too much about people wanting to make money, but I saw a need to have a bit of self initiative. I went Indie. I was first inspired to start going Indie by the Until Dawn playthroughs on Jacksepticeye's youtube page. I then made a criminal sandbox based around a combination of Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto (3 and 4, for one, and V for the other respectively). Some conversations about the most prolific game I ran on this site convinced me to convert a "Harem Comedy" game into one Powered By the Apocalypse.

TL;DR- I have a horror RPG, a Criminal Sandbox RPG, and a Visual Novel RPG (All ADULT) on my discord server here:
Please Join :D. It's free, and I don't get any rewards as per the rules of Offsite Gaming. (Unless you count being noticed by Senpai).

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