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Fri 27 Jan 2017
at 06:08
​​The Dark Hour is a roleplay group made for darker stories and creative writing. It is a multi-genre roleplay group, which means your ideas, your plots, and your characters. TDH is first and foremost for writing your fantasy stories, it is and should be used to write fictional stories. Roleplaying with others is a simple private message away, where you can discuss and plot with other members a one x one roleplay game.

The dark hour also has group games, and currently are always looking for new players of the group game. What is a group game? It is a game where the plot and goals of the game are set having its own lore, and character types. People in a group game can always make their own choices with their character direction, and plot with others with in the group to have one x ones.

Having multiple ways to roleplay such as Private Messages, Threads, and Chatrooms. All included in the forum. You may also take your RP off site should you prefer something a bit more private. You are always welcome to log your threads for later reads.

Forum Features include having a place to list your characters, Character journals, and historical posts. Chatbox for guest questions, as well as member chatter.

​Out of Character, we are a long term group meaning we want to play for the long haul. We hope you will be a part of our group! The Dark hour has been up and running for 1 year!! Happy birthday to The Dark Hour.

We are free to register, and like the best things in life roleplay should be free.