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Sat 18 Feb 2017
at 04:33
Bay Area Gaming
 I thought I would reach out to gamers in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have recently moved here and the actual over abundance of local stores has me wondering where to run live games and play in them. Or where other people play at least and when.

Also I find that there are groups of players that don't play much at their local stores anymore but at homes or tavs, just checking in. I have played at both Gamescapes and find them equally great, even if they are not related anymore. Who knows maybe there is someone near me that plays the same games and well that is a start. I tend to play less popular games but have a lot of RL XP with all sorts of systems Warhammer, Numenera, nWoD, oWoD, Star Wars FFG and Saga, Mouseguard, Shadowrun, D&D heck the list is too long. Lots and lots of board games as well, looking to meet some like minded gamers in the vicinity. Into wide diversity of comics, sci fi fantasy books and films and more. Music lovers a plus.

Anyway I have tried some of the meetup stuff and it is a bit sketchy so if any one has any advice or wants to run a game and needs players or a possible GM I guess this is... hello roll int please.

Been gaming since '88, willing to drive for a good game. Don't have a problem being added to a group of existing players, feel free as well to ask questions about me personally I am a extremely open and flexible carbon based gamer with what I would say is above average scores interests besides gaming only mild social awkwardness "flaws".

For more info feel free to contact