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Fri 7 Apr 2017
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Microlite20 Game - Intrepid Adventurers Needed!
Heya, I've got a Microlite20 game I'm running on Myth-Weavers in need of some brave adventurers!  Rules are Microlite20 Purest Essence with some variant rules thrown in for people who like Monks.
The deadline got jumbled up when I posted it.   :x  Still accepting.

In ages past, a great hero built a citadel on top of a mountain, from which he and his followers kept a watchful eye over the land. When a plague came in the years following his passing, the citadel was abandoned and forgotten. Even after Druids cleansed the land and civilised people slowly returned, it was left as it was, and soon became another vine-choked subject of wild speculation for locals and passerby.

Four centuries later, people have gone missing from both the town of Valuas, located at the foot of the mountain, and elsewhere. The only clue as to their whereabouts is the account of a Ranger. He tells of having seen strange figures stalking through the woods at night, all eventually going up the path to the Citadel, and sometimes with large, moving sacks in tow. The town guard is too few in number to make any sort of appreciable effort to investigate, and the Druids are weeks away at best. There is also the matter of a noise disturbance near the outskirts of town coming from the home of Old Gurb. He turned up dead, with two men bearing strange tattoos dead next to him.

It falls to you brave adventurers to investigate the disappearances, and bring peace back to Valuas! Naturally, the people of the town have pooled their money to make all the trouble worth your while, with the wealthiest even giving you a "down payment". And there's also almost a guarantee that the citadel has something of value in it, for those of you who could care less about the well-being of the people that are very likely languishing in some cell.