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Fri 8 Sep 2017
at 12:15
SWRPG - Discord, West Marches (Officially open Sept 25)
This is a "West Marches" style game set in the Rebellion Era of the Star Wars Universe. Play is generally self-organized by the players and staffed by multiple GMs. The immediate setting is 1 BBY, a year before destruction of the first Death Star.

Gameplay is based on Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG. We, however, emphasise story and roleplay over game mechanics. So even for those unfamiliar with the mechanics or who have minimal interest in tabletop, we still have lots of freeform RP available.

Adventuring in this Era is harsh, and demands PCs to be smart, vigilant, and above all -- prepared. The Empire has agents everywhere. Likewise, the Rebel Alliance has saboteurs and infiltrators, waiting in the shadows for an opportunity to strike a harsh blow against the Empire. Lone Jedi are at risk of being hunted down by Inquisitors, to be executed or turned to the Dark Side, whilst civilians live in constant fear as slaves or Imperial subjects. Those who dare break their bonds are forced to flee for their lives, often seeking refuge in the Outer Rim among criminals and bounty hunters.

-We accept all races and careers.
-Starting Duty/Obligation of 10 (+5 or +10 optional)
-Standard Credits
-Standard XP