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Fri 15 Sep 2017
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Abandon - Freeform Wolf RP

Abandon is an interesting place. The country was once ruled by a civilization who pushed the wolves close to extinction or chased them to other lands, but the humans are gone now. And the wolves are coming back. However, the land that they are reclaiming has been marked by the people who once lived there: Kings, peasants, knights, wizards, alchemists, and more. It has been only a few generations of wolves and nature has almost completely taken back her land.

The wolves navigate Abandon, building relationships and packs and reconnecting to the land that they were once driven away from.

A beautiful, large land of varied environments and biomes. There are old castles, forsaken villages as well as wild areas like forests, meadows, and more. The land is bordered by territories which still contain humans, though these humans are not as connected to magic as the humans who once lived in Abandon and the magic of the land usually keeps them at bay.

Seasons & Time
Abandon has four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.